Well I got my classic muscle, but!

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  1. Ever since I had my 1970 Mach 1, and sold it, I have been trying to find another. I've gone through some 7 other ponies that were great cars but just not what I call a muscle pony. Well I just bought a 1973 Mach 1 Q code that is without a doubt muscle because it has been built to be a 1/4 mile racer. Now my issue is trying to bring it back to a more street machine. I drive it on the street, but as is it is a real challenge.

    I don't know a lot about this car other than it doesn't have the original Q code 351 cobra jet, but it does have some monster built 351C in its place. The person I got the car from wasn't the original builder and could only tell me what he was told. This is what is said about this car.

    The motor was professionally built at a race shop in Wichita Kansas. I has forged pistons, solid cam rocker rollers, Wieland aluminum manifold with a Edelbrock carburetor. Long tube headers with flow masters at the end. The trany has a manual reverse valve body kit and the original CJ converter. The rear end has 3.88 gears and apparently a Detroit Locker and the tires chirp when you turn a corner like when you have a 4x4 with locked axles. I was told it was producing between 400-450 HP and did high 9's low 10's at the track.

    Obviously the car runs very well but a bit much for a street machine. I'm really wanting to tame it down a bit. Some of the questions I have is about the engine. The block has a cast code of D0AE-L and a cast date of 0E22 Obviously not the original 351 CJ. From what I've found it most likely is a standard 2 bolt 351C, but head cast date is 0K12. Ya I know, not another claim of a Boss 351. I'm just tossing it out because I'm trying to use logic as to why someone would go to such extent to make a monster only to replace a 351 CJ 4 bolt main with a standard 2 bolt 351C.

    Anyway, back to trying to tame this monster down. I'd really like to get back to the original CJ engine and go back stock. Whats the chances of finding someone willing to trade a stock CJ for this street monster? Rear end back to stock 3.25s ? Trany back to stock? can I just change my current C6 manual reverse valve body back to stock?

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm not very knowledgeable on performance mods.

    Here are some pictures and a video where you can here the monster.




    Block VIN stamp in the left rear not very clear.


    Youtube video

    1973 mustang Mach 1 Q code Cobra Jet - YouTube

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  2. Takes allot more than 450hp to go low 10's in that car unless they are talking in the 1/8
  3. Nice car! I wouldn't expect any quicker than low 13s with that set up. Some sticky tires and traction aids highs 12s possibly.
  4. I'm sure he was exaggerating on the high 9's low 10's. It does have Pro Trac 50 Street/Strip tires and traction bars LOL.
  5. According to the guys on the Network54 site there is no strength difference between a 2 bolt and 4 bolt cleveland block because the main webs are the same thickness. All Ford did to get the 4 bolt blocks was to essentially tap 2 bolt blocks for the extra two bolts.