Well...its official: "Ford Shelby GT for the Masses"

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  1. What does everyone guesstimate on price? Production numbers?

    After not even coming close to being able to get my hands on a GT500, I'm hoping they make a few more of these (ie. greater than 10k). Thoughts??
  2. From what I gather, it's a GT with certain FRPP modifcations, exterior upgrades (hood scoop, brake scoops), and some here-and-there shelby modifications. I don't think all those upgrades would top $5,000 on the MSRP of a Mustang GT. However, I recall reading that production of the Shelby GT will be somewhat limited. I'd look for a price somwhere between $30,000 - $35,000, although I'm leaning on the steeper end giving recent price gouging on other Mustang Models.

    Bottomline, I think it's a waiting item for the Boss.
  3. I certainly can't argue with waiting for a Boss, but I have two issues: 1.) My car is pushing 6 years old this year, and by no means is that old, but I've been itching for something new for quite some time...waiting for a Boss (08? 09?) is too much of a wait for me right now; 2.) With the price gouging we saw on the GT500, what we'll probably see on the Shebly GT - I can imagine we'll see the same on the Boss which may, once again, push it higher than I'm willing to pay.

    For me, the Shebly GT is the right car, at the right time - hopefully, at the right price! :flag:
  4. I'm also considering trading in my 05 GT for a Shelby GT.... Price gouging can't be nearly as bad as it was with the shelby GT500. Maybe I can talk my dad into buying one and just letting me drive it!
  5. I would have to say either buy one or build your own.
  6. I would say the collectibility and limited production will push the price up. You can build your own, but it's still not from Shelby. I hate to say it, but the man isn't going to be around forever. Everything that man has touched will be worth more when he is gone. I would love to get my hands on one of these, for the colectibility, and the simple fact that it's a kick ass car:nice: . I am hoping for a low 30K price. Let's see what Ford (and the dealers) are willing to sell them for.
  7. Heh, good thing you guys don't live near me! Went by a dealership today (to look at the remaining 06's) and glanced around at '07 stickers....

    GT/CS = $37000
    GT appearance pkg (on a deluxe gt with cloth seats!) = 32000

    And they had a Redfire Metallic with the Saleen glass top installed = $39000

    Wtf Ford, if I wanted to sell my firstborn for a sportscar I think I'd rather put it down on a Corvette or new Challenger/Camaro. Since when did Mustangs quit being the affordable v8?
  8. I'm just going to put this out there, but I'd say close to 40K when it is all said and done. The MSRP close to 35K, and then dealer mark-up an easy 5k. The GT/CS are going in the high 30's. This will be a real Shelby (just like back in '65-67) and the demand is VERY high for anything Shelby w/ mustang. This IS the car I wanted when the new design came out but I pulled the trigger when I did so I have what I have (and it's paid off). I am really starting to like the white w/ silver.

    Revision - even perhaps in the 45K range depending upon dealer mark-ups. Look at the ebay auctions for the GT500. Some close to the 65-75K range and even one up to 90K. That is close to double MSRP. How many years will Shelby build the SHELBY GT? How many will be built? If only one year and 7,000 units, 50K is not even out of the question. All we know at this point is they will build a "limited volume" of 2007 MY. Am I crazy or what?
  9. I also hope the price will be reasonable and there will be no dealer price markups. Maybe all the idiots with lots of money will buy the GT 500s and give the rest of us a chance to buy a real Shelby.
  10. I agree with FNG 2001 - building one, vs. buying one, just wouldn't be same...and I'm willing to pay a bit more for name/collectibility/exclusivity, but it'll have to be within reason. I have a meeting with my dealer tomorrow morning to find out what that may be. :D

    Boatillo, if you don't mind me asking, where abouts (regionally) do you live? Where I'm at now, central PA, they are asking $2500 over sticker for all GTs. I went and laughed at them yesterday as where I'm from and will be getting my next car from, northeastern PA, they are going for right around MSRP (+I qualify for the X-Plan and while the Central PA dealer said they wouldn't honor it, the NEPA dealer said they would).
  11. Romeo, I hail from State College, PA as well. Was just at a lot in the area today - among the stangs was a new 07 grabber orange coupe (yeah I know bad color). 18 inch polished aluminum wheels, shaker 1000, the $460 interior upgrade package, GT appearance package, automatic tranny, the $600 comfort package and it was for $30k.

    I would bet that if you are a very savy buyer, you could knock $4k off the price of a 2007 Mustang GT.

    I agree the Shelby GT is nice, and I would consider buying it if it was aoa $30k - but I have a bad feeling it will be more around $35k+. Now these Shelby GTs are 100% made by Shelby correct?

    Only reason I'd hold out for a Boss is if they do it up RIGHT - right horsepower, right engine, right everything. I think the Boss will be Fords answer to the Camaro and Challenger. That is good on two accounts. One, higher probability of a higher performance car. Two, higher probability of a lower priced car to compete in the same price class of the Camaro and Challenger. Only time will tell, but I would really like to make a purchase at the latest - Late summer early fall 2007; I doubt the Boss will be out by then.
  12. Recent grad or townie? :D I'm recently graduated (2+ years) that has become a townie...after all we are...

    Back on topic, I don't doubt you can get a GT for MSRP or lower. I went on a whim yesterday to see what they had, and both were listed ~$30k + $2495 admin fees - whatever that is... :nonono:

    My feelings are that if a dealer is going to try to screw you out of that much cash from the start, what else is hiding in their closet? The dealer where I bought my current GT is very up front, no admin fees on the GT, and is willing to work with me on the X-Plan. I can't beat that, even if its a 2 hour drive to get there.

    So thanks everyone who posted for speculation on price, now what about production numbers? The article said "limited numbers", but do we see that as low as the GT500 or perhaps a few (thousand) more? Anyone have the #'s produced back in the 60's/70's (Shelby versions that is) for comparisons sake?
  13. WOW. You guys need to get a GT/CS down here in Texas. Either my dealer is ignorant of the true inflated market costs or the one you saw was gouging price. My GT/CS redfire convertible is scheduled to be built week of August 21st. And I paid $50 over invoice and they added in the nice GT car cover that ford sales for over $350. I priced around and had 4 other dealers willing to sale at $500 over invoice or less. My total price is $33,197 +TT&L.

    Also was the $37k a coupe or vert?
  14. But radtexas, we are talking about a "limited version" made by Shelby Automotive. I am really starting to like this car, esp when put side-by-side w/ a '65-66 GT350. The theme of the car is almost the same. I too would like more selections for colors but so didn't folks but in those days. But this is a very nice start. This could continue for years w/ different offerings from Shelby/Ford. I'd pay 35-40K, but I REALLY feel it is going to go higher than that because the demand IS OUT THERE!!!
  15. I understand the original thread subject but I was referring to comment Originally Posted by boatillo. The cost of the GT/CS he saw. Was not referring to Shelby comments. That is why I posted the quote to show what I was talking about.
  16. Romeo - still working on my 4 year degree. There's alot of dealerships throughout central PA that are "doable" for getting a few $k below MSRP, just have to know what you are talking about and be commanding - but polite. Just remember, they aren't going to let you walk out when they can get a cut of money for that sale. Go at the end of the month when they need to get that one last Mustang sold before their new commission cycle starts. Also, go at the end of the day - they are more likely to negotiate towards the end of their workday than fresh at morning when they know they have a full day ahead of possible sales. A car mechanic I am not (but I'm learning), an expert buyer I am :D .

    Also, I remember reading somwhere about optional exterior features - like the hood spoiler on the GT-H. If they add that...I'm buying.
  17. I don't know about you guys but if this special edition costs any more than 1,500 dollars over a normal GT then it looks to be a hood striped waist of cash. I am also just going to wait for either the next special edition with a real hp boost or the 09'/10' model.
  18. On the California Special for $1895 you get the following.
    18" wheels (costs 800+ to add to GT)
    modified front and rear fascia (personal preference if you like or not. Ride is 1 1/2" lower in front)
    Custom two tone leather insert seats
    Side Scoop (Again personal preference)
    Larger Air Intake (Which I have yet to figure out what that means)
    A few miscellaneous CS appearance features (not a big cost factor but if you like it :))

    You get a lot of stuff that you can not get with a Gtandard GT but again personal preference. My preference is that I like it.
  19. Working in project management for a large IT organization, I'm all about the commanding but in a polite way - especially when dealing with stubborn people (aka car dealers; albeit not all of them).

    Since I'm sure dealers won't get dozens of these cars, I'm going to do my best to negotiate with them prior to the car arriving on the lot. I ordered my current GT, rather than buying one off the lot, which - if you can wait - is really the way to go. Its not been siting in the weather, it has no test drive miles on it, you stand a better chance of getting a deal (its a sale they would never have if you didn't order it), better chance at getting a "plan" (ie. X-Plan), and its YOUR car before its even started down the line. :D

    If I go with a normal GT again, it most certainly will be ordered.
  20. I think the saddest part about this chat is that regardless what they make and in what numbers, they will continue to rape us on price. I was all happy seeing the Boss articles when they started coming out, then I realized all the rich guys will buy them up before I get a chance. I will mod my 06 and then try to get a GT500 next summer.