Well...its official: "Ford Shelby GT for the Masses"

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  1. IMHO 35K for the Shelby GT is over priced. I know the Shelby name carries a lot of monitary value but I would hope the Shelby GT starts off in the lower end of the 30,000 USD range.

    The Bullit was canceled as far as I know... The people in the other forum must have been calling the Shelby GT the Bullit?
  2. FNG, Srothfuss - I couldn't agree with you more. I'm not very mechanically adept, so I'd really like to just purchase a SE Mustang, or something higher priced tagged under warranty and leave well enough alone.

    $35,000 for the Shelby GT when the GT500 coupe MSRP is what - $41-43k? If one looked hard enough in 6-12 months I'm sure you could get the GT500 for MSRP or better. The $35k price tag on the Shelby GT is too much for too little - regardless of who bolted the modifications on, regardless of warranty perks.

    Ford needs to start putting some serious thought into their answer for the Camaro and Challenger. Conceptually/Factual they are going to be higher HP cars - and your average buyer doesn't factor in suspension, breaks, and all the other mechanical upgrades when buying a msucle car. They want one thing, big HORSEPOWER numbers. Thats what I was hung up on until I joined Stangnet and educated myself on the other finer points of performance besides horsepower.

    Ford has the pony market by the...tail...now and they shouldn't let it go. I hope they don't get complacent and let Camaro and Challenger steam roll them, because that is exactly what will happen. If I were Ford, I'd get some solid facts rolling around on a new 400 Hp $30k pony, and do it fast (by the end of the year).

    Also FNG, http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/FirstDrives/articleId=116496
    try that link.
  3. Thanks for the link. For the price they list, it better be one fully loaded Mustang! :eek:
  4. I agree on that and that the gt500 is way to much :D
  5. For purely conversational sake, lets run some numbers. Lets take a look at what your getting in the Shelby GT vs. a standard GT, and guesstimates on pricing (price of part / cost of labor to install if applicable):

    • Mustang GT: $30k fully loaded Premium M5
    • 90-millimeter cold-air intake: $250.00 / $50.00
    • Reworked engine calibration: $250.00 / $50.00
    • Upgraded exhaust flow (via a new X-pipe): $400.00 / $100.00 assuming catted pipe for emissions.
    • Shorter rear axle ratio (3.55 versus the GT's 3.31): $250.00 / $250.00
    • Hurst short-throw shifter: $250.00 / $100.00
    • Shorter springs $300.00 / $300.00
    • Stiffer dampers: $50.00 / $50.00
    • Upgraded front antiroll bar: $100.00 / $50.00
    • Front strut-tower brace: $200.00 / $50.00
    • Silver Le Mans racing stripes: $500.00 / $500.00
    • Additional "Shelby GT" side stripes: $10.00 / $10.00
    • 18-inch chrome wheels: $800.00 / $5.00
    • Unique side scoops: $5.00 / $2.50
    • Lower front fascia: $75.00 / $15.00
    • Brushed-aluminum grille: 75.00 / $25.00
    • Hood scoop: $10.00 / $20.00
    • "Shelby GT" floor mats: $25.00 / $0.00
    • Doorsill plates: $50.00 / $5.00

    Total Parts: $3600.00
    Total Labor: $ 1582.50
    Grand Total: $5182.50

    Now let’s subtract out the gears & wheels as we can suspect on a fully loaded $30k GT you’d opt to upgrade both the gears and wheels and they’d be include in that price.

    Adjusted Grand Total: $3882.50 (and that's probably low balling the labor)

    So right now you’re looking at a fully loaded, Shelby GT running about $33,882.50 + tax, tags, delivery, etc. I guess its really hard to explain, but this is exactly the car I’ve been looking for. I’ve wanted a new Stang ever since the ‘05’s have come out, but having a GT already, I wanted something a bit different. This fits the bill to a T.

    Most of these mods, cold air intake, engine cal, upgraded exhaust, gears, short throw shifter, springs, and the other “niceties” are ones that I would look to tackle/install in the first 6 months of owning the car. With this one, not only do I not have to, I get a nice warm & fuzzy warranty to boot. This can then free up funds for other fun items like underdrive pulley's, better brakes, or hell - some form of forced induction.

    Of course the BOSS will more than likely offer ALL of this plus:
    • Upgraded brakes
    • 6-speed
    • More HP
    • Unique looks
    • Unique value
    • Higher MSRP

    All of which I would LOVE to have (minus the last one), but the timing is off by a greater factor than I’m willing to wait.

    Now these numbers are purely “off the hip” so don’t read too much into them. Plus, I’m calculating on what these parts would cost ME, not what the dealer or Shelby may pay for them in bulk.

    In the end, I think Ford’s got another winner on their hands – even if its only a stop gap before the even grander plan is laid before us.

    As a side note, I’ve got inquiries into not 1, but 3 dealers telling them I want to be #1 on their order list and will be in the day they call looking for a deposit. Here’s to hoping!!
  6. Nice synopsis Romeo. I like the Shelby GT a whole lot too. It will be torture watching others drive around town, while I wait for the price to drop and/or for the Boss info to surface.
  7. ^^^ I'm with you two guys. It does have alot of stuff that I would look to upgrade on my Mustang in the first 6-12 months. It's all covered under warranty, there will more than likely be upgrade options (per Amy B.) you can get on the Shelby GT, I also read a post from Amy B. stating that they wanted to go with 3.73 gears. Without a doubt, it's a sharp looking Mustang.

    If the Shelby GT came with the same hood spoiler as the GT-H, I'd be sold (at least they should have it as an option). If I pulled up to a GT-H in my Shelby GT I couldn't help but think "man that looks sharper than mine and I supposedly bought the same thing".

    The one big turnoff for me and I'm sure everyone else, is the $35,000 MSRP. Assuming another $2k-$3k onto that in dealer markup is a fair assumption. That now makes it a $37k-$38kcar - yikes. $5k more and you now have a GT500 (which I'm sure will be MSRP doable in Jan. 2007). Only downside of the GT500 would be the insurrance payments. Plus the introduction of the Shelby GT would only further chances of the GT500 going for MSRP or better.

    Bottomline - If they sell this tax, tags, delivery, dealer markup, when the fat lady sings and it's to a tune of $32k-$33k then I'm gonna buy it. If the fat lady is off tune, I'm gonna buy a regular Mustang for $25-$26, have it paid off by the time a BOSS or better hits the lot (or within a year of it to let the MSRP on the BOSS come down), and trade the Mustang in plus cash for it.

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  8. FYI there was one S197 Bullitt made! And it was auctioned off recently on eBay too - car was created for the Motortrend showdown between some overweight Hemi and the new Mustang. Painted OEM highlander green, bullitt wheels, etc.
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    Thanks ttown.

  14. Here's some wheel spinning news - Amy B. has stated that there will be a supercharger option on the Shelby GT; they are working on it to make it a "check box" selection. I'm assuming that since everything on the car is under warranty, the supercharger will be as well :jaw: ?
  15. CHECK!
  16. I just noticed that the hood for the Shelby GT is not the same as the hood for the Shelby GT-H. The press release says the scoops, etc. will be the same.
    Anyone know why the same hood is not being used?
  17. Saw this when I was walking out of Chili's right after dinner tonight...couldn't help myself. I fell to my knees.

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  18. The GT-H hood is fiberglass so keeping production tollerances is too expensinve. Thus the mass production Shelby GT will come with the regular hood and it's own unique hood scoop.
  19. Yeah too bad even though they are trying to keep it reasonable. I was just told by a couple dealers. They were all going to ask $25k over MSRP. Guess I won't be buying it from them.
  20. Expect heavy gouging on anything with "SHELBY" in the name. And the 8,000 - 10,000 limited edition status is just the nail in the coffin for seeing one at anywhere near MSRP.

    Shelby GT List price at $34,995, with a MINIMUM of $5k dealer gouge (more likely 7k-10k), so you can bet your last dollar that 99% of all Shelby GTs will leave dealer lots at $40k+. Yeah, thats close to the MSRP of a GT500, but almost all of the Gt500s are going for 55k - 60k or over.... *if* you can find one.

    Just as a final depressing thought... the $55k GT500 has waiting lists at every dealer. There will be even MORE demand for a $40k Shelby.

    PS - If anyone wants to brag about how they can get a Shelby GT for MSRP, I'm calling your bluff. I'm ready to deposit/sign/buy -- hook me up... especially if you are in the western states!