Well...its official: "Ford Shelby GT for the Masses"

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  1. I guess that's why I felt so priveleged to see the car in a friggen parking lot in the middle of NO WHERE Mt Pleasant, TX. I literally ran over to it and started talking REALLY REALLY fast to myself. It was weird...I've never felt that way about a car.

    It was like...love at first sight :)
  2. I've seen a few of the GT500's driving around my area. I guess I am lucky to see "M" plates and a few of the rich people who have theirs already. Most of the markups disapear after the first year once all of the "first to have one" people get them... I think it's still a little too early for me to make a purchase though. The Camaro / Challenger / Boss and next generation Mustangs are all on the horizion. Competition always helps with AMV's since you can go to a competiting dealer and get a a better deal.

    *People from this post should be excluded from my 'Gotta have it' comment* - Our converstaion isn't about gotta have it. It's about the right time to make a new purchase. And that is more directed at the GT500 crowd. So if you can wait it out, the New Shelby GT will pull some of the demand off of the GT500 and that should lower the prices a lot. Plus Ford is going to be putting out 1 S.E. Mustang every year until the next generation car hits the streets in 2009 (hopefully.) This too should help lower the demand for the Shelby GT.

    Very soon, it will be a great time to be in the market for a pony car.
  3. Kent5, no bragging, but read this (StangNet link).

    Sorry I just turned this into a getting it thread! :D