Well on my way to beard supremacy..

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  1. Cower in fear mere mortals....i am well on my way to total and full beard supremacy. You may all now :hail2: to me and hail praises in my name.

    Current beard length is 7/8 of an inch and growing. I'm not real sure how long it's going to last but suffice to say at least untill it's hot outside. At that point we'll probably narrow it down to goatee supremacy :rlaugh:

    Doh, this was supposed to go into the Land Of Make Believe so some of you may have no idea what i'm talking about.

  2. I remember.... i was gonna do the same thing, but the wife gave me that "you aint touching me with all that facial hair" look, so i shaved it lol
  3. Yeah my gf isn't too big on it....mainly because it seems like girls are crazy over it! They all wanna play with it and it makes her jeeeealous...lol Especially the more mature girls.
  4. i think i have you beat i have not shaved in 3 years and it's at least 5 inches or more.....
  5. you gonna take progress pics?
  6. My wife is the opposite, she gets mad when I shave. She tells me it makes me look like a little kid.

  7. :hail2:

    So how old are you? I'm only 27 :D

    I'm not sure if i can go 3 years...it just depends on how it looks once it gets some length to it. Right now it's pushing an inch so it isn't really long enough to hang yet, it's just bushy.
  8. my wife gets pissy when I shave my goatee too.
  9. i'm only 31 so i'm not that much older than you. i just got a job i didn't have to shave so i never did. i prefer the beard much better than being clean shaven.
  10. Well i actually just gave it a little trim so it's more like 5/8 now. I'm trying to keep it somewhat nice looking until it reaches a length to where i can't use clippers anymore and then i'll just let it go.

    Where do you live? What's it like in summer? It's funny about work because i have to wear a hair net where i work but they don't care about facial hair....and i shave my head...lol. So i'm wearing a hair net to protect NOTHING from falling off my head, but i don't have to wear anything on my face.
  11. i live in va. i can't really tell a diff having it or not in the heat. it's odd you have to wear a hair net but not one on your face usually both are required.
  12. You're talking about shaving your FACE, right?

  13. BURN! <Kelso from That 70's Show>