well sorry guys, the 5.4 3v worked out

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  1. it turns out the company i bought mt motor from has MACH motors on backorder. i hate to wait, and they advised me they have another low miles 2004 5.4 3v. so it is on it's way. i guess cobra 'R' hood is in order. this crap sucks. i was in the process of learning as much as possible about 2003 mach's. well atleast my long tubes will work with each tube extended. that is a question though. if they work as is then that works. saves me a lot of dough on 4v headers. i will post pics when i figure out how to convert to manual T/B with throttle position. thinking about 4" hood and mounting MAF directly on T/B. just speculating. now i have to start all over figuring this motor out. anybody know what drives the VCT. maybe it is analog 0-12v. i am an electronics engineering tech, and i am looking at a hall effect with digital counter and timer for rpm drive. my guess is varying posistion with rpm's will work. ada converter in 1v steps to 12v.

    any other misc. ramblings about this one?
  2. since you'll need a 05 computer you'll throw CEL's left and right for all the wiring/sensors you'll be missing
  3. to be honest, the 5.4 3V may be better than the 4.6L 4V. the 5.4L has something like 380tq at the flywheel stock. the VCT will help make a nice flat tq curve. get some cams and tuning and i bet you can see 350+rwhp and rwtq n/a.
  4. not really.

    i will let you all know if there are problems. i think it will work better than you think. if not then 04-05 pick-up harness/computer will take care of it. i cannot conceptualize a scenario where stock components will not work. we shall see. i will certainly cannibalize my current motor or 'fool' the computer feedback.
  5. I think it will be... FAST! :nice:
  6. Bill, I'm moving this to tech. Keep us posted on your interesting project.
  7. Sweet deal. I'd love to have a 5.4 3v in my 2001 GT. Keep us posted with pics.
  8. The MAF needs to be something like 16 inches away from the tb. Sounds like a great project though.
  9. i just looked up the crank position and cam position sensor for 5.4 3v and they are the same as 4.6 2v. so with a custom TPS it will work. a custom tune WILL be required. i will install my injectors until larger maf/injector combo.
  10. for replacement MAF is only $165.
  11. Bill, ETA for completion?
  12. huh?

    the MAF sensor on the 2005 f-150 is about 6" from the throttle body. i will try it, if ti works it will look like an old carb style air cleaner.
  13. did you say the exaust side of the head is the same as 2v or 4v, or do you know?
  14. asap

    the ETA for the arrival of the motor is friday sept 16. monday at the latest. i need to remove the valve covers and timing cover to look at the VCT. i am going to use pneumatic pressure to simulate oil pressure in the valve cover. i need to observe the operation of VCT. i want to vary it with as many steps as possible. at the very least i will use a tach with shift light to drive VCT to retard cam to max at preset RPM. lots of work ahead with no real tech help available. i will document my success and failures. as far as i can see from mt vantage point now is VCT driving. if it can't be done, i guess one tooth retard is mt only option. i purchased this for horsepower not torque. if the VCT is run by variable orifice with motor that is one thing. maybe i can just let full oil get to the cylinder. i hate to have to design a digital counter/tach to vary it. it figured the wavelength of the pulses for 6000 rpm's to be .5ms. i will need to have a 12 jk flip/flop counter for 12 levels of output. energizing 12 different voltage regulators for 1-12v output. mosfet gates will determine direction of voltage. maybe my sample rate needs to be 6ms. i will publish results.

    to answer your question... asap!
  15. yes

    the exhaust is new. the ports are "D" shaped like racing ports. also the studs are vertical instead of 45 degree angle. spacing is unknown but i will report measurements.
  16. sounds like you would benefit greatly from a newer computer and harness. I know you engineers though,..I can build a circuit to do that... :D
    I have built my share of things, but do not try to reinvent the wheel anymore.
    Good luck with it.
  17. remember exhaust port cfm only needs to be 80% of intake volume. you will notice most racing application actually put smaller exhaust valves for 4v. with the location of the valves similar to hemi/4v the exhaust valve has the space to be even larger. intake have hardly any shrouding. this is the ticket to beating LS's on an even basis. i realize this is as expensive as a blower, but i can compete mod for mod with them. what happens to a 03-04 cobra when an LS installs a screw charger? or N2o ? these can also be stroked to get a cu.in advantage. I would have done this sooner, but 5.4 2v still has 1.7/1.4 valves. my hp goal is 360 - 380. very realistic with 3v. 3v also out torques 4v on average. stock 5.4 3v = 365 lb-ft. WAY more than 5.3 LS. even more than 5.7 LS. i am committed to getting VCT to work with rpm's. even more advantage. is 400 lb-ft possible? i think so. these heads will become readily available soon. how many f-150 5.4 from 2004 = thousands.
  18. There aren't any computer modules or tech tuners that can help out? Keep us posted when you have time.:nice:
  19. i don't usually look to others for electronics. it is very easy to design circuit to do anything. i have also considered a 5 time period capacitance circuit to degrade until set rpm level. then gating the output for full retard. it is hard to speculate until i get it on a scope and try a signal generator to begin setting parameters. i've gone through a million possiblities for how they designed it. i don't have access to a ford engineer to ask. i will figure it out.

  20. Any updates Bill?