Well,...that Wasn't Fun.

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  1. good call, nice lil profit.
  2. Ive been kicking around the idea of selling my '11, and buying a really nice fox notch. Same type of reasoning, kinda. I love the power plant in the '11 (also love the styling though), but the car is just so big and seems to take a lot more effort to throw around in a fun way. I have never loved driving anything as much as I do a fox. I am thinking at this point in my life I can afford a really nice clean fox, and maybe even find one with a 347 or 408 already in it. My wife would want to kill me, but she always gets over it eventually. I had to try a new coyote powered mustang and its a great car, but I dont see it as a car I will keep forever.
  3. Nick: Coyote powered Fox!
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  4. I had an 11 for a while. While a great car I felt the same as you do, sold it decided to stay with what I know and love. I am currently looking for a nice mellow Fox as more of a daily driver to compliment the turbo GT whore.
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  5. Mike, lets find a couple nice foxes and make new progress threads. Our wives can hang out and b*tch.
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  6. Husky and Grover, if I combine your posts, then we have a great idea going. I would love a fox notch with a coyote engine. Tame mannered, yet quick and nimble. Guess we will have to see where life takes me.

  7. Thanks,...but then you saw it coming from the jump.:cool:

    Yeah,..the very first time I even mentioned to the wife that I was thinking about selling it not two weekends after I got it running,.....I had to go through one of our "mini arguments",....where the words "Whatever you say Mike",....and "Whatever" were used more than once. She eventually will get over anything I do,.....( like buy another car someday) and really she doesn't mind me doin' it,...she just can't stand how I obsess over getting the time on the weekends to work on it.

    No,....I'm thinking LS powered Fairmont.:banana:

    There would've been a time that putting a small block chevy engine in any ford I own would've been like drinking battery acid,...(and it still is when talking the LT series SBC), but after owning two GTO's,...and coming to terms w/ the availability of the engine reasonably in the salvage yards,......Spending 6k+ on a new 5.0, then another 1.5k for the computer is just crazy in comparison.

    Even for one of the most die-hard ford guys on this forum.

    I know that a Fairmont isn't a popular choice for alot of folks on here,....and I'm ok w/ that,...but that is a car that I'm not afraid to put a sawzall on if I choose to,.....one that'll share any fox modification w/o having to adapt anything,...AND,...most importantly be different enough to serve my need to stand out from the crowd.
  8. Well then get to it! You could turn it into a drifting Fairmont like Gas Monkey did, all covered in chrome so you can look at yourself in it and stroke your own ego. :D
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  9. :chair:
  10. Mike, Im also kicking around the idea of a TVS blower on the '11 to see if that fixes my gripe. Im not one to enjoy the hassle of selling a car, and then searching for the "right" new one. I love the '11 other than its kinda fat. I wonder if throwing 150+ extra HP on tap will make that ass want to come around a little more for me. I have the styling right where I like it, so Im kind of on the fence of what to do now.
  11. I'm waiting for this guy to wake up,.....if he'll lower that price a little to allow me to justify shipping that thing,...I'll buy it.
  12. Yes! And ask him to cut his mullet.
  13. ???? are there pictures of him somewhere?
    I just ck'd. It looks like 1000.00 to ship it. :nonono:, Almost that for me to go get it. (+ 4 days including the ride in the plane out there) That'll put me in Granpas' car for maybe..........2200?? If he'll drop the price considering I gotta get it across the nation.
  14. No pics of him, but he has an IROC parked next to it in the driveway. If this is a car you will keep and enjoy as a long term project, then $2200 for a rust free base is totally worth it.
  15. .
    Wrong bodystyle Collin. Besides, he wants 4200, 3k seems a bit of a stretch.
    regardless it's. another done deal. I bought it. it will cost me 2150.00 shipped. I can drive it it has AC that works, and is a one owner 88k Arizona car w no dents and zero rust.

    no brainer for me.

  16. :banana:
  17. Mike its a box top but since you mentioned LS powered check out the Cream Dream 2 over on yellow bullet if you havent. TT LS 7.54 at 18x street car on 315DR