Well,...that Wasn't Fun.

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  1. Yeah,..that's not what's in store here.

    Objective will be stock to slightly warmed N/A,

    The "Objective" has always been a modern take on this subject: Same style hood, ( only the scoops will be almost at the hood front edge,..same "make my day" attitude,...only in a pro-touring (as opposed to pro street here) style.
    Preferably an all aluminum LS-1/700 R4 . But I'll take whatever comes along as even the truck motors were rated at like 365HP.

    First things first,...I gotta get it here.
  2. lol Sweet Fairmont Mike!

  3. Ha!

    I think it's funny too,.....Here I had one of the fastest,.most technically advanced production cars Ford ever produced for the masses up to that date, and I really wasn't all that warm and fuzzy about it. And now the prospect of having one of the slowest, mind numbingly unimaginative, econo box body styles ever produced has me all antsy like a kid waiting on an upcoming birthday.:banana:

    I definitely have issues.....I need to see somebody.
  4. Ah, I guess I dont know enough about them to tell. Either way, glad to hear you'll be scratching the itch.

  5. Let this be a lesson then. Box tops look like they were government issue,....Futuras were/are for the "chosen few":rlaugh: .
    I'll have to scratch the itch really, really slowly. Remember this was the original intent the very first "progress thread" I had after I sold the red car.

    1. Get it reliable.
    2. Get the interior tolerable to drive as A DD.
    3. Cheap 5 lug conversion (just to allow a decent wheel/tire combo)
    4. Exterior cosmetic improvements/body mods.
    5. Suspension Upgrades to allow for S.F.C's, S.T.B., jacking rails, 3 link, panhard bar, torque arm, (All stuff I'll make), big brakes, coil overs,
    6. Engine swap/trans/rear swap.
    7. We'll see.
  6. your next goal should be to turn a 90's vette into something worth while buying.

    Look at the opportunity you would have.
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  7. I hear ya!
    Unfortunately,....there are some things that are waaay beyond me,........and that is one of them.
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  8. Well, look at it this way; with the notch, you took a nice car, and made it fugly. Maybe with a Fairmont, you'll take a fugly car, and make it nice :shrug:
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  9. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. That thing is the business.
  10. you owe me 2 new 24" monitors and a keyboard dick! LOL
  11. For the record,....there was nothing "nice" about the notch I..... uhhh....changed.
    The car was an absolutely hagged out, sun bleached exterior, urchin stained interior, smokin 4 cylinder, hoopty notch. The only thing that car had going for it was that it rolled under it's own power. (barely)
    If your reference standard is that skewed that you prefer that as opposed to the way it ended up,...then what can I say? I get that you don't like it.

    Sorry if I don't think cool is defined by how much stuff you can buy that bolts on.:shrug:

  12. What thing is "the business", Lars?
  13. Ew, no. If you're going to have an LS1, I assume you're going to have fuel injection (unless this is gonna be like the carb'd 4.6 build) so might as well go with the 4L60E. It IS pretty much a 700R4 but it's electronically controlled so it's much more reliable than the 700's junky throttle pressure set-up.
  14. So, you're saying it was pretty much like a Fairmont? :runaway:
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  15. The Business = good stuff

    It is a British colloquialism.
  16. i spit dr pepper all over it

  17. :bang:
    Yes,.....in many ways I'm sure it'll be exactly the same. The car has lived it's life in AZ,...was driven by a L.O.L. that got too old to drive it.
    The sun probably has done the same to this car cept for the fact that all the exterior trim on this car is aluminum as opposed to the mustangs' plastic pieces. The interior looks pretty bad considering it was owned by an elderly woman w/o the little urchins to dump their milkshakes in the back seats,...(but then again, there's always Grand Urchins).

    When the day comes that it's complete (in the year 2525,....if man is still alive) then again, I'm sure that the like/dislike ratio will be the same 30% like, 70% dislike.

    But for me it breaks down like this: ( and it's taken me a while, and a couple of attempts to the contrary to figure that out)
    I'm not content to own something that anyone else can just go out and "buy".
    It may not be popular, and some will even call it ugly,.....but a dude three cars down the row at a Saturday night cruise-in wont have one just like it either.
  18. Why????