Well,...that Wasn't Fun.

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  1. Or leave my wife at home.:banana:

    You lose on the black wheel thing,......I've never liked them on anything.
  2. Put your foot down. All the way down. Then describe the feeling to me :p
    Only new Mustangs I've ridden in was my moms V6 '04 and it was slow and then an '02 GT which was OK. I've always wanted to take a ride in a Terminator
  3. Mike you are tripping on that paint mismatch. It looks fine in the pics to me. Might be more obvious in person, but I wouldn't worry about it, looks great.
  4. Let me borrow it for a few hours..... That rubber all over the back bumper would would sure cover up the paint mis-match!
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  5. Just did it. You cannot describe the feeling. It would be like trying to describe sex.:D:eek::D:eek::D:eek:

    Yeah,...most that have seen it in person have said the same thing ( that it looks great) .......I hate the obsessive part of my head.:nonono:

    Uhh No.
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  6. Mike the car looks great. Even though my OCD can see the new painted panels I'd still drive the hell out of that car. Getting rid of the black wheels was a great idea.
  7. Wait, you have a seven page thread detailing the finer points of bad bumper paint, in excruciating detail, in which you provide professional prose that has people coming back for seconds of your descriptions as to what it feels like to run over your foot with a three-wheeled floor jack, and you claim you can't describe what it's like to drive it?

    there's at least seven clowns per month that attempt to describe sex in Penthouse forum (or is it one verbose 32 y/o virgin in his mom's basement?) who don't write half as well as you, so that analogy fails. Go for another drive, then try again. "Glistening" and "steamy" seem to be popular adjectives.
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  8. I stand.......corrected.

    Let me try again.

    So,.....I've been trying to find a reason to "fall in love" w/ the car. Despite the fact that I have (in the past) gotten on here and made my dislike for the new edge, and the SN95 "no edge" body styles public, it's no secret that I now own one.
    I have also came on in several different threads on this forum alone pis sing and moaning about how I just can't get that into the car despite the terminator powerplant that lurks under the hood.
    "Just put your foot down, and you'll change your mind" has been offered as advice to warm up the romance up between me, and the object of my affection.
    Now while that may be stern advice for a normal human relationship,..I knew that if anything was ever gonna happen between me and my "yellow metal sweetie",...I was gonna have to do just that. Problem was........Carmax had filled the damn thing w/ regular. Not even probably a decent grade of regular,...probably some bulk priced swill they were able to negotiate down to the barest minimum ( given the amount of cars they have to fill). So justifiably, I've been putting around,...trying to empty the tank so that I could refill the thing w/ 93 octane PP, so that I could "consumate" our relationship.

    I've siphoned all of the tank I could using standard practices,..my lawnmowers are full now, and the Ranger is happily sitting w/ the other half of the half tank I was able to drain out of the Cobra. It still left me a half tank to burn through. I finally ran the rest of the junk out last night. I swerved into a Shell where I filled said tank w/ $3.58 a gal 93 octane, and drove the thing another 2-3 miles to ensure that I got all of the old - 87 fungue out of the lines, rails, and injectors.

    I headed out to I 459. There is a really long on ramp I use for going home,..and that ramp was now only a red light away from being in front of me.

    I turned onto the ramp and shifted into 2nd. Slowly rolled into the throttle and then stomped the thing to the floor.
    I was instantly rewarded w/ the automotive sensation closest to crack anyone will ever experience............boost.
    Unlike a Turbo spool wheeze,...the Eaton blower makes a whine that is different from any other blower most people reference in their memories when the words "Roots blower" are used. But when that thing starts whining,...and you get pressed into the seat, you cannot stop from grinning. The cool part is you get to shift gears,...and there it is again,.......that noise,..and the weight gain the back of your seat experiences, normally referred to G- force, all increasing exponentially as long as you keep your foot planted.

    As for me,....That stopped, somewhere north of 100 mph in the middle of 4th gear.
    But I was still smiling the rest of the way home.

    This car is stock,..and probably makes close to 400/400 when all that stuff is happening,..I can see why people can't stop modding these things,...as I'm now sure that the sensation becomes...."ordinary" after a while. But for me,....it'll be awhile. But I'm hooked.

    There,......is that any better?
  9. you pulled the engine to fix some leaks and clean things, but you only painted random parts, and now it doesn't match. :shrug:
    you should have painted nothing, or painted the whole thing; at least blended it a little so the side skirts didn't look like a completely different color.

    but who am I to say...not my car. at least its just a DD
  10. No Ed,...it hasn't matched since ohhhhh...... about 25 replies ago. I could see how the time spent cleaning it, fixing the leaks and replacing bad parts mandate an entire repaint in your eyes though,.....especially when it's not your car.
  11. I would find the opinion of someone with a Fiat for an avatar on a Mustang site a bit suspect.

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  12. Yeah that sounds about right.
  13. Yep. Not quite up to discussions of succombing to tolulene hallucinations, but it's definitely an improvement. :D
  14. Hey it was the best I could do in the final 10 minutes of my lunch break. I was rewriting the thing in my head on my way back to work,...but thought better of it. They might frown on me editing my posts on the Carmax computer at work.

    I'll do better next time, now that I know you're reading it Husky.:banana:
  15. Are you kidding? This thread is my third stop while surfing during my morning constitutional. I come here regularly. :eek:
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  16. You are easily one of the top five poster on SN madmike1157
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  17. "Third stop"? I guess email 1,. A quick glance at the Sasquatch tribune (Alaska's premier online newspaper) 2., Then poor old lowly 3rd place Stangnet?;)

    I believe that you also have a S/C car,.....( What, like a GT 500 I think) Do they sound the same as the Cobra when in boost? Not so much a high pitched 6-71 style whine,..more like what big assed straight plastic gears would sound like being spun at 14k RPM?

    Like that gyro motorcycle toy in the 80's that had the big T shaped pull thingy that you'd yank through and make the wheel spin on the gyro and it would rage across the floor.

    Yeah Lars,..all that means is I'm a waste of bandwidth.......where have you been anyway MOPAR boy? It's been like forever since I've seen you comment on here.:shrug:
  18. I hope your car hasn't floated away with all the rain you guys have been getting down there over the past few days! Looks like you're in for another hammering today.
  19. Been working a lot a work trying to pay off my house (getting there), I replaced the whole exhaust system on my 91, so it's all uber loud now. Been having to stay off the boards cause you guys make me want to spend money, and I only have to spend what I make from selling spare parts on the side. Which isn't much.