Well,...that Wasn't Fun.

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  1. I do know this though:

    I just got back from the same O, same O. 2nd Saturday of the month cruise in here in lovely Birmingham, Alabama.

    Call it an overblown ego, call it a "world revolves around me" narcissism disorder, call it Mikes' just a whiny ass, baby:cry: .................. but I'll take having a "love it, or hate it" morphadite 68 wannabe fox body, w/ a slow ass 300 HP 2 valve, to a (insert any power level here) Terminator Cobra anyday.

    I mean don't get me wrong,.......The car is fun, and the power is awesome,........but parking the car in a line of new edge bodies where the only thing that differentiates the cars is the colors, and the wheels, is to me...................................................................................................
    ,....... (Anybody got a Redbull?)

    Here's the same group of people that last year stopped to ogle the red car,...now just cruisin' by,.....you get the faint "how do I know this guy" look, and the crooked little smile,....but they still just cruise on by none the less.

    While driving home,...I start thinking...:crazy:
    The little red dude w/ the horns chimes in: "I should just be done w/ the hobby,......I'm not enjoying it anymore",...I ain't got the time or the money to create another one of a kind".
    The little white robed dude w/ the halo offers: "But what if you could find the Fairmont you want, and transfer every single piece of that car over to it and leave only a 2003 shell to put on C/L?" I mean I'm talkin' engine, trans, front, rear, interior, electronics,...every stinkin' thing, and let my faded, mismatched body end up in either a drag racers garage, or be the answer to some Cobra dudes' prayer be-in as he totaled his junk last night.
    The red horned voice of gloom reminds me that if I do what Willy white robe thinks, I'll have a Fairmont that while admittedly will be the only one of it's kind,...stripping the Cobra to make it that way will be a dumb move, as it will be the last time that those pieces combined will ever be worth the 14,000.00+ the car could bring if I just sell it.

    So to make a point,..I'm not asking for anything here.

    I'm just ranting.:fuss:

    Another step down my path towards KIA ownership. or It's just that time of the month.
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  2. If you're gonna do a termy transplant, do it to an old 65-68 coupe! You can pick up a 6 cyl no rust car forcheap, swap everything over, get your ego stroked at the cruise in, and at least break even when you get bored and decide to sell.

    please, though- nota Fairmont. Heck, do a Maverick, or a Mustang II King Termy. But not a Fairmont.
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  3. Eh let me be on the other end of the spectrum .... love the fairmont idea ... box top for me though I know you like the futura window the fairmont idea is winner winner chicken dinner

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  4. This is probably the best idea, except it probably won't fit in a 65-66. Do it to a 67-68 coupe.

  5. Since I know you are familiar w/ a 65/66 engine compartment,...( and the width of the car in general) Id ask how in the hell you'd put an engine the size of a Boss 429 in an engine bay that can barely accept a 351W?,...And while you ponder that,...how I'd get a rear end, as wide as an IRS under that narrow track width w/ those tiny little wheelwells? I know I can eliminate the shock towers on the car, and then be able to fit that big assed engine in there,..but at what expense? I'd have to install that kit that converts it over to an over/under C/A w/ a coilover,..and Id lose all of the Cobra suspension/antilock brake stuff in the exchange. I'd have to do a custom back-half to even get the rear end to mount, and once I got it, the track width would be way too wide. Unlike a standard rear end,..I cannot narrow anything to fit that car,...and I will not "flare" any wheel well to accept a rear that is too wide.
    That would be the same for a Mav, MII,(which I wouldn't own if I had one given to me) or any other Mustang Ford through 1970.

    I do have an ego, and a need to be loved,..but I would end up hating myself many times over, if I were to start down that path.

    Now, Stop smoking crack,..and stick to skinnin' Grizz or whatever else people do in Alaska.

    Uh it's just talk guys,......if I even suggested to the wife that I was thinkin about that, I'd be Divorced, Destitute, Dead. In that order.
  6. hey I'm just being the little red guy on the shoulder telling you all the fun things are great ! lol

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  7. Oh yeah, I was just thinking about the engine compartment. That's why I suggested a 67-68. I didn't think about the rest of the car and stuff you'd have to do to make all that modern Cobra stuff fit. fair enough....carry on with your rant, sir. :)
  8. You couldn't get a 4v mod motor to even fit the stock engine compartment of a 67/68.....or a 69/70 for that matter, since they share the same architecture. No matter, doing all of this to a classic is the last thing on my mind anyway.

    Too much money to come up w/ a project to start with,.....Too much effort and money to make it work,......Too much money and effort to make it nice after that.
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  9. I was looking at Fairmonts the other day. I found a nice cheap four door 79 that would be perfect for a new 5.0 swap.
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  10. Said the guy who fabbed up a 68 Fox.

    Didn't know you were looking for "easy". Now you know why all the cars look the same at the cruise-in.

    Sorry, guess I overestimated your skills. :stick:

    http://www.sn65.com/SN65 story.htm

    Mod motor swaps are actually becoming relatively easy to do nowadays. There's several different options to allow you to put some amazing front suspension technology in there, along with creating the space for the motor. No reason you couldn't carry over the ABS as well. I'm already running the same brake hardware front and back (sans the ABS) on my 67. While I can't speak with as much certainty to the IRS, it isn't unheard of. There's lots of stuff that swaps over surprisingly easily from the Fox/SN95 to the first gen cars. I am much more intimately familiar with the 67-68 details than I am with 65-66, but it's all do-able. It's more a matter of how much you enjoy the project versus the drive, and how important it is to placate the narcissism thing.
  11. It sounds like its "Identity Crisis Meltdown Time..."

    Go out and sit on your patio and think about all the times you wished for the power and handling you have sitting in your driveway. Then go out and fly around some deserted parking lot until you are either out of gas, the cops come or your arms get tired. Then go home and smile thinking about all the fun you just had...:)
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  12. Throw in a group of like minded individuals, timing equipment, and some traffic cones and you have an auto cross. Or find out when Barber motorsports park is having an open track event.

    I don't understand destroying a termi that is a full paint away from being a really nice piece, not that is isn't now, to build a Fairmont. Kinda like the guy, maybe not as extreme, that cut up the frame off restored 63 split window vette to build a pro streeter. I didn't quite understand that either.

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  13. It's all mute. I exercised my option to move the car to another owner, while pocketing 3500.00 profit. A Used car dealer bought it today, fully aware that it was grinding when putting it into 5th and 6th, that it had been in three separate accidents, and that it was sporting at least three different shades of yellow. He didn't seem to care so much about that, so it was all the better for me. Unlike the red car,...I'm not even the least bit conflicted regarding my decision to let it go,.....I liked the car,..the supercharged engine wasn't a compelling enough incentive for me to keep it.

    I'm gonna take a break from the car thing for a good while. I know that if and when I get back in I'll be more focused on what I choose and what I want out of the project.

    But for today,..I'm happy. It was the right thing for me.
  14. Damn....and just like that.......it's gone. Oh well, you gotta do what makes you happy.
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  15. Dang, I was just teasing! Didn't think you'd take it like that!

    Probably for the better... you were having to work too hard to like it. Just don't take too long to get back in the game, ok?
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  16. Exactly why I sold that '99 I had for about the same amount of time you had this. I'm just curious to see if you miss this car in a month or so like I do. It only hurts when I see/hear another mustang with exhaust. But then I think about the greater good and what's collecting dust in the garage right now.
  17. No,...I'm confident I will not miss it. I really wasn't all that warm and fuzzy about it in the first place,..considering I really didn't like the bodystyle. Again,...the engine was that cars' only attraction for me. The "no cat" exhaust was a major contributing factor in my decision to dump it,...I really couldn't stand the rattling, noisy, and smelly exhaust.

  18. Well damn

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