well we got some winter...

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  1. Hit 15 degree's last nite (very cold for us) here in N-GA.

    So yesterday I was wrapping our water heater pipes in expectation because it's in our new laundry room which is part of our new porch/sunroom/something (whatever you want to call it) that joins the house and garage - but it's unfinished. No heat/air/insulation/sheetrock, basically just framed up and sided.

    So I go out in the garage this morning and no water - DOH! Forgot those outside pipes! (about 2' not buried) :nonono: When it thaws we'll see if it's cracked.

    My wife just calls and says the washing machine isn't working - DOH! AGAIN

    And after work today I have to go under the house and figure out why we have heat coming out of all the vents on one side of the house, but not the other. :nonono:

    Typical winter for you guys?

    I still wish it would snow.
  2. We have been told on several occasions NOT to insulate the Hot water pipes under the house because the heat from those pipes keeps the cold water pipes from freezing. So far never had a break. Same goes for the furnace ducting. Sure it uses more energy, but it might save a flood. I betcha one of your ducts fell and half your heat is dumping into the basement/crawlspace. we had that happen here one year. Just taped it back up and all was good. In the winter it would probably be a good idea to shut off the outside water and blow air through em with the compressor to clear the water. Its worked for us.

  3. Tried to do laundry this mornin at 10 & no cold water---finally started
    trickling out at about 11:30---also found 2 1" brass ball valves cracked,
    but they aren't leaking until you open them, so I'm good with that

    Got in the car at 2pm & the battery was dead

    Sposta be worse tonite---temp is already droppin fast, but it's not so
    windy like last nite
  4. It did snow up here in VA Beach, along with the low temps. You can have it, I don't want it. :(

    Saw an S-10 shortbed(nice) flipped over in a ditch on the way to work this morning, still can't figure out how they did that one.
  5. looking bad here, hit the low 60's lastnight. Went in the spa bout 10:30pm...i feel your guys's pain.
  6. oh yeah, well lets see here its gets to 9*or less and your energy bill goes thru the roof cause the heater is having trouble to combat the winds and the cold so this winter is gonna suck major ****ing ass
  7. Winter...

    ...well, it must be hard to have freezing pipes, and problems with the heating system. Lucky us, we got well isolated houses,(must have) and use wood for extra heating. We also have to pay alot for the electricity, so when its to cold, wood is our solution.. Good Luck too you all !
  8. Doc was right on on the Ductwork, fixed that and the house is all toasty again.

    I don't think any pipes are leaking, both are thawed now and I insulated them last nite, and let the one in the garage drip thru the nite.

    Like you said Doc, no hot water pipes are wrapped.

    I poured some windshield washer fluid (good to -20) into the washing machine and then let it cycle to pump the water out. Thus, the pump now has anti-freeze in it. I hope this was smart.
  9. Got down to -1 here the other night. DAMN was that cold. Fortunately nothing froze up, left the cold water in the tub drip all night so it was OK.

    Car was a **** to start the next morning though, when it was 5 degrees (at 9:30 AM) and the high during the day was 18.

    Very uncharacteristically cold for December, the weather this year is weird to say the least! Today it was around 40, tomorrow its supposed to get up to 50 :shrug:
  10. It is going to be 9º for the high on thursday here...low will be -2 or so without the wind chill...lets hope the wind stays under 20mph (-30 or so wind chill).

    You can bet I'll go make a couple runs while it's below zero :D

  11. If only there was some way to hurl a big snowball... what is that 1800 miles or so from coast to coast? SPLAT!