1. I emailed my for sale ad today to the mustang club of america, look for it on their website and up coming mustang times issues.
  2. I just finished the same path you're about to head down.

    It's sad, but there will always be others!
  3. if anyone is interested the ad will appear in the Mustang Times and on the Mustang Club of America's website.
  4. I'm sure you've gone thru this already and I missed it, but why are you selling? Just curious?
  5. im 18, tired of a car payment, plus i cant afford to upkeep it properly, pay for it, drive it, AND save.
  6. You are wise beyond your years!

    Better to settle for something that is a little cheaper, a little less cool, and a little easier to maintain. You have the rest of your life to drive/collect cool cars.
  7. Come what happened now? I am in the same boat With you I get paid about $300 every 2 weeks from Big K . Thats $120 a month on insurance and then gas I pay about $50 bucks a week on gas because of my cam and my setup. The rest about $230 I use on food or cloths or just save it up for the next motor. Iam 18 now and I have to save all the money I make to make sure I can get into WyoTech So it is tight as hell for me but it can be done. :nice: