welp, it finally happened

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  1. Happiness is spending money on your ride :D

    ordered from Modular Performance:
    ModMax Forged H-beam rods
    Rear Main Seal

    From MMR:
    Complete Plug and Dowel kit for Modular blocks
    MMR Sidebolt and Washer kit for Romeo blocks
    Factory Ford front seal

    since Modular Performance is in Michigan, I put the order on 3-day select so I can have these during the week. MMR is down by San Diego, so once these parts arrive, it's engine building time :nice:

    Up next I have a Summit order to do (motor mounts) and an eBay purchase (Prof. Prod. Typhoon lower)

    Local dealer or the Napa parts I have at school will get the rest :flag:
  2. If I had money, I wish my engine would blow... lmao.
  3. some new pics:

    my parts pile that will some how make it back in/onto the ride

    My new block featuring ARP Main studs

    checked out the ring end gap too
    View attachment 266706

    Progress for today: I cleaned up the heads with the gasket scrapper and removed the cams. I took the P/S pump and the oil filter/coolant adapter to school to clean them up in the parts washer. Bearings should arrive tomorrow (Napa ordered me ones for a Windsor block, not a Romeo), so I'll install them and the new crank before going to sleep (I work graveyard tomorrow)
  4. :drool: the new setup looks sweet, I'm loving all the progress pics
    :nice: keep up the good work
  5. March-19_1810.jpg

    this is how it sits now. The connecting rods are still on backorder from MP. In fact I'm so pissed off to the point that I'm cancelling the order through them, waiting th refund and ordering the rods from MMR who does have the rods in stock. No Good Guys show for me this weekend, so yeah, I'm kinda cheesed at the moment
  6. Take 2 with the connecting rods has been ordered. This time, I went with MMR. Might be cutting this close with Knott's. Especially now that I'm considering a cam upgrade
  7. VT stage II's FTW:p

    Shoulda bought my cobra rods, the guy i sold em to is already making 610rwhp on em.
  8. haha, Stage 2 FTMFW :nice: This video has me convinced for sure

    YouTube - VT stage 2 CAMs

  9. And with forged internals you'll be able to reap the benefits of those high rpms gains as well! What's crazy is my stage 2.25 blower cams wont sound nearly as fierce as those stage 2's you'll be getting.
  10. i cam barely hear my MPH blower cams!! blower cams SUCK when it comes to sound
  11. It's quite tragic, although with a centri blower you should be able to run more overlap for up top gains, PD blower cams are even worse.
  12. every video I've heard with Stage 2's, especially the VT/CMS's, have been the fiercest cams I've heard with some awesome gains. I can't wait to hear it on the dyno :D
  13. The man in brown dropped by as I was headed to bed :D

    8 pieces of forged H-beam goodness from MMR :hail2:

    and some ARP cambolts for good measure

    this will be the weekend that she breathes again! :flag:
  14. Lol, ARP cam bolts. Now i've seen it all. Those rods are pretty serious, i know a guy running 22psi on em.
  15. You aren't messing around man, lol.
  16. Lol...Makes your car more of a sleeper.

    I wouldnt need to hear lopey cams with 750 rwhp
  17. tomorrow will be another great day as the cams arrived in Sacramento :D

    hell no, having a broken Mustang sucks. I'm all about doing it right the 1st time
  18. Hell yeah, cam time FTW
  19. :rock: