welp, it finally happened

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  1. dunno man. I have them stored away, gonna mic them later on to figure out their specs
  2. Look who has a engine in her bay now :D

  3. atta boy... look good
  4. Is there anyway to make sure the cams are what they are supposed to be?
  5. Wow. Your progress is amazing. Thanks for all the pictures. Keep it up!
  6. yeah, just taking quite a few micrometer and dial indicator readings off the lobes. I'll drop them off at a cam shop to get them spec'd out.
  7. Update:

    Ok, so here is where I stand: I got everything hooked up, went to start it and all I got was an ABS light and no fuel pump cycling. I printed up some Alldata wiring diagrams and saw that I was missing a wire on the battery junction box. Hooked that up, blam, normal key-on functions (all idiot lights, fuel pump cycling, etc). I went to crank it over and the starter sounds slow and wouldn't start. Bummer. Pulled the starter, had a local parts house test it, passed with flying colors. I posted this video of the problem on a few other forums:

    YouTube - 2000 Mustang GT starting problem

    and I was told to look into battery. WHile the battery has a decent charge (12.59v on my voltmeter), it may not be providing enough amps to get the starter going. Now I have an excuse to get an Optima battery, so once I get off of work at 8am, I'm headed to Autozone to pick one up.

    Power Steering issue: I picked up a new pump yesterday at Kragen's, however I need to find some way of pressing on my pulley without screwing up the pump like on the stock one. My buddy was pressing on the pulley on the stock pulley when the shaft decided to exit the back of the pump instead of letting the pulley be pressed on.

    Once I have these issues solved, she'll be back on the road.

    Some pics
    on the top is the stock battery harness, bottom is the new Motorcraft one that is currently installed and in question
    Looking more like a complete engine
    Even more so here
    How she sits as of now
  8. K. Let me know how I can help/solve anything in anyway.
    But it's not like I can email VT about it as they are finto.
  9. Freakin' sick man, I bet you are really happy right now.
  10. congrats! badass setup for sure:nice:
  11. Dude thats awesome. Congrats on having her back on the road! :cheers:
  12. What about the test drive? We know you are still breaking in the engine. It sure sounds good. Congrats on the build. Pearl02.
  13. I've put alittle over 80 miles on her since yesterday. City miles mostly, but I did a quick highway sprint up to 5k RPM's with half thorttle. She's running like a dream. I'm keeping my Predator plugged in while I drive to keep an eye on things. Of course, I'll be switching to SCT in a few weeks to get a tune locally.
  14. Fuggin sweet man, congratz
  15. 200 mile check it. Had some issues pop up so she was down for a week:

    - passenger side, rear freeze plug on the block popped off. Was complete hell to track down since only the bottom lip was actually leaking. That edge is concealed by the starter.

    - front cover seal was lekaing oil, very much fun to fix since everything had to come off the front of the engine to pull the front cover

    - while repairing the front cover, a valve cover gasket tore. Junked the crappy Fel-Pro's in favor of FoMoCo gaskets, which fit 100% better.

    - a nasty bump on I-5 took out my O/R X-pipe, so I had to swap on the catted X. Problem with that is that it has a clogged cat. So I'm ordering a pair of Magnaflow cats from Summit with my next paycheck. I'll eventually order a new O/R

    I'm probably going to do a couple WOT passes here soon since I finally logged some decent miles on here. I think she's safe enough to do so :D