went back and ran 13.1 @ 105.6

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95snoozer, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. well my roomate convinced me to get up this morning and try the track. They were having a viper shootout and brackets so we got to run between each round.

    He finally got his 11.9..... 11.96 at 116.X

    he has a 98 z28 with tr224 cam 3400 stall nittos LTs and full exhaust

    I got the launch down a little better but the track was slick and I was still having to bog it from 3500 to not spin rediculously.

    sun up----------sun down--------sun down
    8.4 @ 83.41-----8.4 @ 83.66------8.4 @ 83.48
    13.1 @104.48---13.1 @ 105.66----13.1 @ 105.34

    i need some better 60s :)
  2. Not bad, I cant wait to get my junk back together :D
  3. get that thing on the road :D
  4. God that MPH is unreal. I mean like i said in the last one that cam and 1.7s is our only difference. But you trap like 4mph higher than me thats like 40hp difference.
  5. well there is probably a significant weight difference

    my raceweight tonight was 3245 with driver
  6. Dear god man. great times.

    after reading your first post, i thought you had a set of AFR's until i read your sig in your second post.

    question tho. whats the BBK EL??????

    congrats on the times.
  7. I believe he means equal length headers.

  8. Oh yeah i totally forgot about that. Oh well good work man.
  9. i wish my 60ft's were that good :(....nice to see a SN95 with stock heads runing low 13's
  10. hehe
    yeah I need heads badly

    and yes I have the BBK equal length headers.... the infamous wire melters :p
  11. did you do your set-up in this order to prepare for a new head set-up, b/c most off the mods you have (like 24# or a 70mm tb) are usually considered as not needed or too big for a stock engine???

    just curious, b/c i might start buying an intake, tb, fuel mods... to get ready for new heads and meanwhile have a bit more power.
  12. yeah... just awaiting heads... but it always seams t fall through when I have the large sum of cash in hand.

    so I kinda gave up. unitll I am out of college when I will go crazy with the car, power adder possible stroker.