Went for a ride in a '11 today

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  1. That's fine by me...just change your comparison wording. Your aftermarket built engine may be superior as far as power, but that's about it. Compared to just a 302, even one with bolt ons, it's no comparison...it's Coyote hands down.
  2. I get mid 20 mpg, run in the 12s, and have a bone stock, smooth idle (actually I don't, but its still a stock cam, go figure).

    That being said, I like the 06 3V my brother has, and would probably really like the new 5.0L. I like that Ford is stepping up the power output. The 5.0 thing doesn't mean anything to me, it could be any displacement, I do however like the 400+ hp and can't wait to see them hitting the track!
  3. Man i think it's pretty safe to say your car is gifted by the Gods and is exempt from normal comparison situations. It would probably run 10s with a set of heads and a cam. :lol:
  4. Are you kidding me with this aftermarket stuff? Ford has been selling 4-digit-power capable short block assemblies for years. Boss 302, 302 R, and even the weaker FRPP "Sportsman" blocks can handle a decent amount of power. You can certainly build big-power pushrod 302 engines without ever leaving the Ford catalog, and that's without even wandering into 351 W territory. Yes, its going to cost money, but you have to pay to play if you're thinking 8-second power, regardless of powertrain choice.
  5. How many miles do you get on your warranty for that crate engine?

    Thaaats what i thought.
  6. This is actually very interesting to read. But here is one FACT:

    You absolutely CANNOT compare an aftermarket 302ohv, to an aftermarket 5.0 TiCVT because there is no aftermarket 5.0 TiCVT. Hell the engine hasn't even made it onto the streets yet and you're already talking about the aftermarket capabilities of the engine. Like someone said, lets wait 10 years or so and then we can compare the new 5.0 to the OHV, when there actually is an aftermarket for this engine.

  7. The only real .02 I can throw in that I don't think has already been thrown in is that there is an insurmountable value to what I call raw horsepower that has been built and not bought. Yes, I know, most of you will call that nostalgia but that is not what I am referring to. I appreciate the smooth refinements of the newer modular engines, but I actually PREFER the feel, sound and look of the pushrod. Preference yes, but what value can you place on preference? I just happen to like the cheaper option of the two :D
  8. ^^ That's basically what it boils down to. It's complete speculation at this point no matter what. For all we know, throw some cams in this new engine and God knows what could happen.

    The other thing none of the naysayers have commented on is the 42 years of development and refinement and aftermarket support the 302 has had. I'd say the fact that you have to h/c/i them to make 400hp is PATHETIC considering how many years of development it has had. Ford is now putting out an engine that destroys the Boss 302 and is tame enough for any old lady to go get groceries with and doesn't have to rev to 8500rpm to make power like the Boss did. The fact that this engine was only in development for 2 years and it makes the power it makes is down right amazing considering it's only 5 liters.
  9. In a thread littered with opinions, I think this pushrod vs mod argument is about 14 years too late.

    This reminds me of an old carb vs. EFI arguement.
  10. Oh believe me, thats not an old argument, its still very present.
  11. my comparison wording has been the same all through this thread, people just seem to keep twisting it to make it benefit them, go back and read, i referred to it as my "5.0" not and 5.0 there is a difference, and i also stated i didnt care about idel, or fuel economy or emissions, thats been my argument the whole time
  12. OK so until the aftermarket gets 42 years to tinker with the Coyote (as they've had with the 302), we'll never know which is truly superior. I'll get back to ya when that happens :lol:
  13. oh and the "only 2 years of R&D" is total crap and you know it, they have been tinkering with 4V engine since they came out and they have finally decided to refine and increase displacement,seems thats alot more time then 2 years, i never said i hated the modular engine, i said all i care about is horsepower, and would stick with my "5.0", if i hated the modular i would have gotten another fox, yet i decided to get an 07, but now after this thread im considering tossing in a 9.2 deck dart 427W just to piss some of the modular worshipers off, and will still make me happy
  14. Man i think you're reading into this too much. I'm FAR from a mod warshipper. Never owned one, might never. I just call it how i see it. At this time the only area the 5.0 Windsor engine is superior in is build potential. Like i said before we could be comparing it to a BMW V8 for all i care because it really makes no sense to compare the 2 anyways with them being so different.

    Also you should go all out and get a man-o-war 9.2 and stroke it to 460ci :rock:
  15. well thats alot of extra weight, i'll stick with my dart 347 :)
  16. Well boo to that, unless you want to donate some heads and a cam...

  17. Actually, FRPP offers the same warranty on all their crate engines. 12 month/12,000 mile.

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    In 10 years, we'll be on to a different engine. Look at how the 3-valve lasted only 5 years. The (Mustang) 2-valve was around for only 8 years before that. At the rate that technology changes these days, we will never see a long running production like the pushrod 302 had, and thus why we will never see such a huge aftermarket following for the Coyote. Think about it, the 302 was in production vehicles for 33 years. If for no other reason, the 302 will always have the largest aftermarket because it's the granddaddy of all Ford performance V8s (with a respectful nod to the flathead). Hell, there are probably more aftermarket parts that have been discontinued that you can't even buy new anymore for the pushrod engines than there are new parts for the mod motors, haha.

    Hey, and will people stop putting "/thread." int heir posts? Its not over until somebody looses their cool and the mods :ban: and :lock:


    Oh, I know. Your bad-ass 347 coupe proves that. I'm just having a lively conversation here. Like I said before, I agree with you that the Coyote is probably the most technically advanced V8 Ford has ever built, I just like to point out that the pushrod engines have their merits, too. :nice:
  18. Agree 100%, i think one of fords problems is that they don't try to evolve with what they have they just start over, and with new platforms come growing pains. They should take a design and stick with it, making improvements on it when needed, but if its not broke don't fix it. This is especially true for their diesels, since 1999 there have been 4 complete redesigns and the oldest motor was the most reliable. :shrug:
  19. more like 03, since the DI 7.3l engine wasnt really redesigned it just got upgraded "goodies" per emissions standards, but yeah they woulda stuck with the 7.3 and made more power with them, i agree 100%