Went From 3rd To 2nd

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  1. Man I thought I blew up my stang.. I was racing my bro in law and his mach 1 and power shifted from 3rd to 2nd. Oh It was bad. I looked at my tach (stock tach) and it was upwards of 7,000. Not sure how high I revved the car but I was about 5500 ish rpm when I shifted from 3rd to 2nd.( on accident, first time for everything I guess). Sounded like a F-1 rpm range... Lets hope I dont do that again... Oh and I was beating him.



    I am looking for some better tires. I was doing 35 mph ish and they broke loose like that. I have 245 45 17s with 70% thread.
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  2. That is his other brother in the 87 stang in the far lane.
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  3. Go buy a shifter. Pro-5.0h, Steeda Tri-ax, or MGW. Any of those shifters will cure that problem forever.

    Pro 5oh is kind of notchy but bullet proof
    Tri-ax is very smooth but the shift handle will not take apes hanging from it for very long
    MGW is very nice, pretty smooth, and seems to be durable. It's also the most expensive of the three. Has the advantage of position adjustment.
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  4. I broke a pro-5.0... Ripped the handle right off... I also blew 3rd in a stock t-5 and a g force t-5... So I'm kinda rough... Lol
  5. I'd say it went to 6250...
  6. Learn to shift before you powershift. And no reason to powershift your car on the street
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  7. I think the guy in the Mach 1 that couldn't beat a fox is the one that needs driving lessons
  8. There is usually two threads a year with this oops shifting 3rd to 2nd, if it drives normal after then you got away with it. I agree with madspeed unless you hate your car or you have another trans in your garage i wouldn't speed shift.
  9. i guess that depends whether the fox is stock or not?
  10. This thread wouldnt exist if it were an auto
  11. All mach 1s beat all foxs? Lol
  12. Its far from stock. The mach has a best of high 12's. We are going to track on the 12th at milan dragway. I will see what my car runs.
  13. Been driving manual trans for 20+ years. Pretty sure i can shift. Just got to excited. Human nature took over. Mistake! Lol
  14. Yes. Always.

  15. I need to quit shifting so hard. I am excessive with my shifting. And im not made of money so a trans rebuild would hurt a little in the pocket book. I will take your advice and not beat on the trans. Probably is not any faster any way.
  16. I just read your other thread racing the challenger i dont mean to connect two different threads, but i agree with 2000xp8 post about backing down to 24lb inj and sell the C&L meter get a PMAS or Pro M meter.
    Then with some drag radials and good driving skills you will take the tank especially if you power shift.....just dont miss a shift cause challenger is a simple foot stomp on the gas pedal. And you should take the mach 1 also.

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  17. From 30lb to 24lb injectors with that maf will make that big of a diff? Elaborate plz.
  18. [QUOTEe="Detroiit, post: 8844088, member: 198886"]From 30lb to 24lb injectors with that maf will make that big of a diff? Elaborate plz.[/QUOTE]

    30lb inj should have your setup pig rich i dont think your engine parts can make the hp that would require 30s. So flooding your cylinders with 30s then tuning with a C&L meter which dont even have a decent reputation you may be really really surprised how much faster your car will be with 24s and a good meter. Im running 30s with almost 400rwhp my engine mods in sig
  19. I am in the market for forced induction. Just not sure on the kit. Was going to pick up the v3 si tuner kit(to install over the winter) but now im looking at the quick time turbo kit. So im tossed up on which kit i want. I know i will need 340lph and 60+injectorsi do have a 255 pump in it now. . It does run rich and I do have an appt with lidio on july 28th.
  20. The rev limiter isn't an engine brake. If you shift into 2nd from the top of 3rd, ain't a damn thing the rev limiter can do about it. The BMW world calls this "The money shift", because it happens all the time in E36 M3's, and when it does, it breaks lots of expensive ****.

    View: http://youtu.be/USmDwxldEA8?t=2m20s

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