Went From 3rd To 2nd

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  1. AUTO for the win....lol...

  2. Small comment on this piece. C&L meters with replaceable sample tubes don't have a good reputation. I've not heard of many (if any) problems with their hard castings that simply re-clocking the meter wouldn't fix. Their meter housings that use the Ford electronics seem to do very well. They don't always hit the target EXACTLY as far as transfer function goes, but their results are very consistent and repeatable. For anyone that tunes digitally, being consistent is the key. The actual transfer function is much less important when tuning by AFR.

  3. lol yes definitely at the dragstrip anywhere else hell NO i need a clutch!
  4. I'm a die hard manual transmission guy, so I won't comment on these auto posts :D.

    With that said, your rev limiter means nothing in this scenario, you are well past that RPM and there's nothing it can do.

    I did this same thing years ago. No damage done. My brother did it at the track and did some damage to the transmission, motor was fine.

    I'm in the no power shifting on the street camp, I rarely if ever do it. At the track is another story, I rarely if ever don't do it!
  5. Its fun John in a full manual VB turbo car trust me....im shifting just no clutch...:D
  6. no i hear ya thats a nice ride ya got im just a manual with clutch guy to the end
  7. Driven fast auto cars and stick shift cars (figure high 9 second cars of both). A fast auto is a lot of fun, a fast stick shift car is a lot more fun! To each his own though, some prefer consistency, some prefer the unpredictable...
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  8. Did you ever race the challenger!?
  9. Nope never raced.. I see him every day at work but he dont bring it up anymore.. He used to go all the time to were we hang out. But I havent seen him there lately.