went gold panning yesterday...

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  1. I think I am hooked. I pulled about 2 or 3 really small flakes out of about 10 pans worth of sand.

    my dad found a decent sized piece using his metal detector over some mossy bedrock. during the winter floods the water goes over the moss and the gold gets trapped in cracks and moss on the bedrock.

    so last night I went and bought a sluice.


    with this I will be able to do about ten times more material. Now I just need to figure out how to make a highbanker or a dredge.
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  3. damn.


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  5. HM, I made my own sluice out of wood, and used indoor-outdoor carpet in the bottom to trap the "flour" gold, then panned out the concentrate. It was great fun.
  6. can one make a living from it?
  7. I would be awful damn poor if I tried.

    I made a sluice out of a 4" corrugated sewer pipe today. it worked allright. I pulled a couple decent sized pickers out.

    not bad for an hour. probably made a buck maybe two If I am lucky. :D
  8. today was not a total loss. I did find a 65/66 fastback white with blue lemans stripes. I also found a 78 cobra II, and probably two dozen late 50's to early 70's mopars. The guy with the mopars runs a backyard junkyard of sorts.

    unfortunantly I cannot go tommorow, since I have school.

    but wed. my sluice should be here. then I am going to hit her hard and see if I can dig up at least 5 bucks worth of color. :D

    something about shiney rocks makes me happy. I dont see it as money, its more like finding a granada in a junkyard. dont really need the spindles. just makes me happy knowing I have them.