Went into pothole, engine damage need advice

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  1. I am driving home and go into a massive pothole at 35mph as I am shifting.

    I thought I had bent my drive shaft, but no, with my luck I spun a bearing somehow.
    I am surprised the tire didn't blow up on me, the pot hole was so bad.

    I have no ability to work on this car myself, I am technically disabled from a bad work injury years back.

    I know my insurance is going to tell me to go chop wood if I claim on this. I have very little ways
    to prove the car died in this massive pothole.

    Car is a mystic, so it has a value above a normal cobra but I am sure it will be a battle to get them
    to pay above a stock cobra's value.

    I have almost 15K in work and parts fixing and upgrading this car. I recently just had the top end rebuilt and it was driving like new. Not all of that 15K was for fun stuff and at least half was for fixing the trans once and other maintenance

    So even though I have a buddy doing work for me, I am still looking at labor for exhaust drop, engine out and engine back in / exhaust back on. I can imagine even if he is charitable to me
    I am looking at $500 right there.

    So I'm checking my options and there' a built shortblock, send out my engine, or buy a longblock.
    I haven't redone my timing chains and it would need that eventually.

    I'm guessing I'm looking at $3K for the block, but no one has 96 cobra teksids. They all want to
    sell me a 98 and up block.

    I would prefer to pull the engine and send the whole thing out for a full rebuild.

    Any idea on the costs? I live in NJ/near PA

    At this point I am wondering if I am headed for 7-8K into a car worth 3K as-is or working 5K....

    Should I just walk away?
  2. Some places if the pot hole is so bad and you can prove that's what caused the damage which seems odd the city has to pay for it. They paid for a full exhaust and shocks on my wife's cavalier a few years back

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