35th Anniv Went over to......

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. IMBOC.com(Bullitt Club) and did a search with "35th" as my search word. They(some) were certainly opinionated about how the 35th was a "weak" special edition. So, I defended it and they got all pissy and deleted the topic.
    Touchy folks.
  2. Jason, sorry you feel that way about it. The thread you responded to was an old thread and as I recall, maybe two people made the comment that they thought the 35th cars were not all that special. I don't think alot of people are even aware of the "35th." You were pretty quick to say the Mach 1 had stolen the Bullitt's thunder and in my opinion try to belittle it like your felt your car was belittled. Two people do not make up an entire site and most are not touchy as you say.

  3. That's why I miss mustang35th.com. It was "our" site. :(
  4. Miss?!?!?!? Is it not going to be back up sometime?!?!?!? I WANT IT BACK!!!!!! PLEASE PUT IT BACK UP!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!?????????? WHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
  5. Well, the hurricaine that wiped out the server in Florida was a LONG time ago and the page still has not returned to it's former glory. I've emailed David a couple of times now with no response. Perhaps Jason knows more. :(

  6. I didn't quite belittle the Bullitt, merely stated that the Mach had stole some of the Bullitt's thunder, which is the truth. I 've even heard Bullitt owners admit it.As the 05 does on the Mach. This does not in any way belittle the car. And I was solely responding to those two individuals that spoke ill of the 35th. It may have been an old thread, but thats what the "search" feature is for, searching for old threads.

    BTW, As for mustang35th.com....I have no new updates for you on its status. I will contact David and see whats up and report back.
  7. i have had a few people question the "special-ness" of the 35ths. Some may not see them as being "special" but i certainly do. thats really all that matters in the end.
    My car is not, and never will be "just another mustang"