Went to a Local Car Show and Was Surprised to See 3 GT500s...

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by SMG, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. that orange/yellow is hideous
  2. Grabber Orange looks great.

    What looks hideous is that prop rod on the hood. Makes the GT-500 look like a $15K POS Focus.
  3. I agree, the Grabber Orange looks great, just like a 1970 GT500, ya just gotta know your old-school colors..

    My pet peeve is convertible owners that lower the door windows, but leave the 1/4's up like shark fins... How hard is it to press two buttons?? What is up with that, when people are cruising around town, top-down, sunglasses on, all proud of themselves, with the damn 1/4 windows sticking up like sailboats??

    It's the minor things that annoy me...
  4. That goes along with the JC Whitney quality stripes, unpainted mirrors, laughable curb weight, 4x4 ride height and just about every other possible corner cut to the bone on this car. The more I look at these cars the more of a joke they appear at $45,000.
  5. The Grabber Orange on the GT500 seems to have more yellow in it then the Grabber orange mustangs I remember back in the 70's. Do you agree?
  6. Is the conv painted with the screaming yellow?
  7. The picture is just a tad bit bright. But it could use a little bit more orange to it though IMO.
  8. Yeah, the Grabber Orange isn't nearly as bright in-person. The sun was directly over the cars so it made getting accurate shots of the red, yellow, and orange cars difficult.
  9. Even in the shade the Grabber Orange has a lot more yellow in it. I think the conv in the picture is painted screaming yellow.
  10. It was definately Grabber Orange.
  11. Overrated GT IMO, but hey with a 5.4 shoved in there they do run quite well.
  12. The Mustang has never been a premeir sports car, so to bitch and moan when the GT500 has unpainted mirrors, ****ty stripes, a prop rod, is overweight, and a 4x4 ride height... what were you expecting? Its just a Mustang.
  13. I agree ! If people don't like the GT500 go buy a Charger or a GTO ! There's not a factory pony car out there that comes close to it.
  14. Agreed,

    If these things go back to MSRP prices, this will be THE best deal going for your HP buying dollar. I can't wait!

  15. Your not the Only one. That makes me crazy. I think the people that do that just don't know:shrug: they go down.