Went to the strip, Car redlining before shifting into 2nd, 3rd..


New Member
Jul 27, 2021
Hi all,

I went to the strip for the first time this week in my 98 GT. It's an automatic but i ran into issues of the car redlining 6500ish for 2-3 seconds before shifting into second, then again when shifting into 3rd.

I have not had this issue before when getting on it coming onto the interstate for example. The car shifts hard and quick normally. I have a Bama tune so i contacted them about my current shift points. They asked if i had speedometer issues and that could cause the car to not shift correctly. I was thinking the transmission gets the shift signal from the OSS not the VSS sensors?

My car does have speedo issues. I have 4.10 gears and it seems impsosible to correct that with the gears, and the speed cals from the past are hard to find.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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