Went to the track for first time, man do I suck

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Jesus, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Hi Everyone

    Help me out here. I went to the track with my 2003 GT (Mods in Sig) and did not get the results I expected. First of All I had massive traction problems in first (and maybe second) and no, I didnt go through the water box. I was running on the stock Goodyears and roling off the line and then nailing it. No I should mention this was at Tucson International Raceway which is something like 1500-2000 feet above sea level. There was a post by a guy I nkow a few weeks back complaining about his times at this track. I am also a little concerned about the mile per hour I got, it seems kind of low. Any way, any help appreciated. Thanks.

    60' 2.333
    330 6.752
    1/8 9.88
    MPH 74.86
    1000 12.746
    1/4 15.123
    MPH 95.33

    29.82 in and steady
    SSW 9 mph


    I know getting my 60' down to 2 would knock off like 6/10ths on the big end. But what the hell is up with my MPH? What should my 330 look like and 1/8 mile time.
  2. How can Jesus suck :eek:
  3. My bone stock vert went

    9.94 @ 72.85 on 1/8 mile track

    With your mod in sig.. I agree that you should beable to do better than that.. you also have 4.10 gears.. which 9.88 is way too high for that to happen

    You either spun a lot or not shift fast enough with those 4.10 =\

    Or maybe there's something wrong with the car? :shrug:
  4. practice practice practice :)
  5. Go out an pick up some Nittos DR or get some ET streets. Then practice practice practice. :D

    Also what are you shifting at? 5500 :shrug:
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I definately spun bad in first, all the way through first in fact. This really surprised me because that has never happened on the street. As far as how can Jesus suck? Im not going to touch that with a 10 foot divining rod :)
    Oh yeah, I also had my spare in the trunk and was running with 1/4 tank of gas.I am a little worried that there might be something wrong with the car, except it idles fine, doesnt stumble, and doesnt use any oil or coolant. I wonder if the clutch has something wrong with it? I cant seem to bark in second like I used to. I did overheat the car once. I shut it off before the needle got into the red, but the car still puked coolant every where. Somehow the cooling fan had gotten disconected. Most of the people I asked about the overheating thought that the car was probably fine. I even had to of them drive the car and they thought it felt fine.
  7. Im shifting at 5800-6000 RPM
  8. Your Mph looks good up top for a 15.1 , I think the problem is in your launch/shifting.
    It seems after the 1/8th you are picking up speed. With the 4.10's are you shifting into 4th?

    Here is a similar time with similar conditions of which you can compare:

    2001 GT 5 speed
    Mods: 4.10
    everything else stock, even paper filter.

    60' 2.215
    330' 6.321
    1/8th 9.626
    MPH 75.37
    1000 12.475
    1/4 14.870
    MPH 94.74

    Temp 89
    Humidity 99
    Barometer 30.75

    This was my best time with the car (also my first time with this car)
  9. JESUS, your car should run low 12's...i mean you are JESUS right?...haha

    get some d/r's and suspension mods(should be a pre-requisite for new drivers)
    and youll see a big diff

    good luck
  10. you did turn off traction control right?
  11. Traction control was off.
    I really should get some drag radials and control arms. I thought I would be able to just go to the track and drive it (being Jesus and all) but I guess it wasnt in the grand design. Luckily I just sold another car I had (66 Chevy Caprice Coupe) so Ive got a little bit of money to throw at the stang. All though I am now tempted to just save up a little bit longer and get a blower of some kind.
  12. you need a lot of pratice, do that then buy some more mods(tires/susp) even if your altitude is 1500-2000' DA you should be at least low 14's high 13's with your mods. If you go out and buy stuff to cover up your lack of skill, it makes it more difficult to really squeeze all of the potential out of the car how it sits. practice what you lack.
  13. If you spun through 1st, that's why your ET/MPH are so low...
    Definately tires and practice :)
  14. Cool guys, thanks. I think Im going to order a set of 10.5x17 Bullits for the back, and some 17x9 for the front. I will also get some Nitto 555R's. I might also invest in some kind of drag suspension. Do you guys think I can run a suspension thats more geraed for handling than drag racing and still get the car to have respectable 1/4 et's?
  15. You cant bark second with 4:10's then something is definately wrong with your car. To check the clutch put it in fourth gear going about 30mph and floor it. If the RPM's move and the speedometer doesnt then it's your clutch. If nothing slips then your low on power.
  16. ok good, just want to cover that as I made that mistake in my friends 02 GT the first time I drove it (which was at the track). I was not aware it had TC til I had problems after shifting into 2nd :D

    You should have better numbers IMHO. In said 02 the car has gone 14.3 with a Fireturd owner behind the wheel and 14.7 with the female owner. Only mods were a OR-H and K&N. These were on stock Goodyears with Bullitt rims in central Oklahoma.
  17. Im going to be bringing the car in to www.bieberfever.com in Phoenix sometime within the next couple weeks to do a leak down test to see if the overheating caused a problem or not. It sounds at the very least like I should have replaced the spark plugs after the incident. So, if after they inspect the plugs, they turn out to be bad I will have that done. They will also drive the car and and let me know if they think its messed up or not. I should have some of this problem (the non driving part) figured out and taken care of in the next couple week.As far as it being the clutch, I went out and punched it from 30 mph in 4th and the car seemed to accelerate fine. Do you guys think it is a good (manditory) idea to get an aftermarket clutch cable and qudrant? I was thinking of having that done while the car is getting looked at. Any opinion on triple hook vs. quick release qudrant?
  18. im still on the stock clutch. 30k miles and 150+ sub 1.8-1.7 60's and around 200street tire passes. You have that much use on yours? Don't fix it if it's working, the stock clutch is pretty good.
  19. If you want to save yourself some money, put a good driver behind the wheel at the track next time. If the car still doesnt perform then there may be something mechanically wrong to warrant the leak down test. I've heard too many guys at the track say that there must be something wrong with the car, yeah there was....them.

    btw, change your shift points to 5500rpms
  20. I'm just happy to know that Jesus drives a Mustang.