Went to the track today...

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  1. Today was a nice day so I hit the track with the SVO. Elevation was 885ft, 86degrees. I was hoping to dip into the 13s but I was having severe ignition issues that culminated into me scrubbing my last two runs and calling it a night. I think it is caused by the cheapo wires I got from autozone after a wire got burned for a quick fix that ended up staying around. Timing was set at 10 degrees base and 15lbs of boost. Full interior, full weight, 3/4 tank of gas.
    I hit 98mph on my first run out with a 2.7 60 ft, I over cooked it and spun through first and second gear and hit a blazingly fast 15.5 1/4.
    My fastest run is as follows.
    R/T - .440
    60' - 1.976
    330 - 5.946
    1/8 - 9.266
    mph - 75.30
    1000 - 12.090
    1/4 - 14.500
    mph - 93.78
  2. Why only running 15lbs? Have you made any mods to the suspension?
  3. Stock suspension and street tires(Goodyear Eagle F1 All season 245-45-17). I kept it at 15lbs because right now I am still on the factory fuel system, including stock sized injectors and my combo is well above its max, so 15lbs even had me a tad worried, but this was my last chance to get to the track for a couple years so I figured I may as well.
  4. For some reason I thought that the stock system could support up to 20lbs of boost. Are you running the stock intercooler? Why is it the last time for a couple of years since you can go to the track?
  5. The factory t3 can push up to 22lbs. With the level of modification I have in my engine I outflow my injectors, I ran the 15lbs even hesitantly due to the fear of a lean condition which would in turn burn my pistons up. I run a turbocoupe intercooler. I had plans on upgrading to a 255lph in tank pump and 72lb injectors but I am out of time and the car is going back into storage, just hopefully not for 4 years again...
  6. I have some 42lb injectors if you would like.... They are from the throttle body injection cars. Might be a good start for your project.
  7. what track you hit? TSR? Cedar Falls?
    I got my Cobra out for the first time on the street today in 5 years! Feels nice to have a boosted v8 again :)
  8. I went to Cedar Falls raceway. Congrats on getting that on the road. I miss driving my 79, theres just something about those old four eyes that makes me happy and tingly inside. When I was in North Carolina a couple months ago I saw a 82 GT T-tops that was black and meticulously restored, it was by far the nicest one I have ever seen.

    Thanks for the offer on the injectors, I think that I am just going to hold out for 72's when I return, while I am away it is going to be in Pittsburgh to get a full body restoration and stored for me till I get back.
  9. Sweet!
    When you get back we need to get a bunch of us locals together. One of my buds is getting his 79 together, and we are building a 2.3T in my garage for another Buds Turbocoupe. We could have a nice little outing!
  10. Yea for sure, I should be getting back in August of 2011 so there should be some decent weather left.
  11. Sounds like fun. It is certainly tricky to get these cars to 60' well on street tires. Throw some motorcraft wires on and get out there again!
  12. Today I finally got around to checking everything out. Put new motocraft plugs and wires in and it was like night and day. While taking out my old plugs I discovered that one had a huge crack in the ceramic portion of it with a very wide gap, so there was my mystery misfire that was causing so much fuss... I attribute that crack to me most likely over tightening it when I put new plugs in about 5k ago. I am seriously considering hitting the track back up tommorow to see how it runs on all 4.
  13. Great, that's an easy fix. Now get back out there and run some real times.
  14. Yea for sure. The car feels better then it ever has, I figured my ragged idle was from the cam and just never have thought to check my plugs, this is the first time this sort of deal has happened in the 8 years I have had the car.