Went With Projectors (retrofit)

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  1. So after seeing a few guys on other forums that have done retrofits to their cars, and having a few friends do it to theirs. I decided to give it a shot. I found out which projectors that were used and a few different techniques on how to separate the headlights themselves. So i took on the task and came up with this.

    I started with these: Bixenon hid kit. high/low beams









  2. I clicked this thinking I wasn't gonna like it but it looks damn good! 2 thumbs up man, can you take more pics with the lights on and looking at the lights.
  3. Best i have for right now, that sweet stang


  4. I still love it. I wanna do it to mine now lol. Do a write up man.
  5. Same here. I can't stand projectors on pre-05 Mustangs but these actually look pretty good!
  6. I usually see projectors with halos, I can't stand halos on non bmw's. Projectors alone I like man. I've never seen just projectors for our cars, you should be the first the do it and sale them, it looks like you did a clean job. Just sayin ;)
  7. There are a couple of people that already have done so. There is yukehidretrofits.com and another one but I just looked all over to see about doing this. I will have to work on one.
  8. Ah, I've never looked into so I didn't know :p. are there already good write ups on this?
  9. What kit did you get? I am about to do my head lights but havent decided on which kit to buy. Hows the quality?
  10. The ones i have a just like the morimoto mini h1 6.0 projectors, only i bought mine from ebay. If you look at the two side by side, they look exactly the same. Quality, they could do a tiny bit better fit on the projector shrouds, the chrome piece that if on the projector itself. Pretty much all retrofit projectors have this step.... look up the morimoto mini h1 6.0 projector and you will see. it is suppose to help you aim the light better. So i shaved them off so it looks cleaner. other than that, pretty nice
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  11. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks bro!!! What H.I.D. kit did you go with?
  12. So the projectors require an h1 type bulb. You will also need the kit for a 9007 bixenon (hi/low) beam. Also I went with both 6000k and 4300k temp h1 bulbs. I got everything off of ebay. havent had any issues with the HID kit. at all
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  13. Just bought mine!!!! Thanks for the info!