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  1. looking and sounding good so far! stupid question but if you keep having leaking valve covers, you're sure the heads are flat/level or at least close?
  2. They are. Its that there is rtv and dirt in the bottoms of the holes where the valve covers bolt to. We spent hours cleaning them out as best we could but still it wasnt enough to bottom the bolts out. The TFS covers we bought are cast aluminum and have a thick lip where the stamped covers that are on it now are very thin. The thick lip plus the studs should resolve the leak.
  3. I have some small flat wire brushes that I put into a drill and run through small threaded holes, cleans them out perfect...

    I use thick rubber composite gaskets from ROL or Mr Gasket..I rtv them to the cover, so they stay with them when you need to remove the great and reusable. Studs should solve the issue if you already have them on the way, as long as the AFM cover has enough clearance for a washer and nut up top. That is the only problem I have run into with various valve covers and studs ;)
  4. We need that. There is RTV caked in the threads. We chased them for hours and crap kept coming out. The leak went from extremely pouring out to just a couple of drips. If they were cleaned out there wouldn't be a problem.
  5. don't you just love how it doesn't rain for months and now it rains ever freakin' day!
  6. The only time we attempted to drive the car it started pouring of course. It's so hot it rains every single day.
  7. Parts arrived today.

    UPR 4" Power Pipe
    UPR Clutch Firewall Adjuster
    UPR Clutch Quadrant

    Thanks Rick91GT!

  8. Good stuff.....I should be getting a delivery this week too. Aeromotive FPR, Black Trickflow valve covers and a Trickflow valve cover stud kit. Along with that, the Flaming River steering shaft, Energy motor and tranny mounts, and Walbro 255lph fuel pump are still sitting in the boxes waiting to go in.

  9. Just an FYI before you try to install it, the powerpipe is upside down. That nipple/port goes up near the blower inlet and is for the bypass.
  10. No problem, if I can help with anything else let me know :nice:

    Last5.0 is right, swap the elbow to the other end, nipple goes towards the blower.
  11. Thanks Rick. Will send you an email about suspension ideas, maybe you can help.

    I've had a blower before and know about the bypass. This is how it came out of the box. May install it tomorrow sometime. It's a million degrees out. Last night in my garage at 7PM when this arrived, 95 degrees, 100 humidity and zero wind. Soaked just taking that picture.

    Just waiting for the MAF adaptor so we can finish the induction completely. The Pro-M Pin adaptor will allow us to run the Lightning 90MM MAF and we can ditch this stock 55MM MAF (which I believe is causing problems anyway). Then we have to take the AFM valve covers off again and install the TFS Stud Covers (which I hope will solve the leaking issue). After all this we should be done under the hood and concentrate on the suspension which is totally shot.
  12. Don't forget when you do eventually up the boost you will want to get a better meter. That Lightning 90mm is only good for about 425-450 rwhp. I used to run one but is easily pegged with aluminum heads and 10psi
  13. Well I will be on vacation starting Friday 15th evening going through the following Saturday 23rd to Mooresville, N.C. Taking my boys to see some big race shops, take a race in at Bowman Grey Stadium. Rog will do some wrenching while I'm gone. Hope to come home with it completely done and doing wheelies down the street.
  14. More parts. TFS aluminum black Coated Valve Covers and Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator. Also will have a gauge on the regulator and we will also add Autoeter gauge inside the car.

    Rog is going to drill holes in each valve cover for the breathers. Not only is the lip wider but we are using studs and nuts to secure.


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  15. Well these valve covers should stop the oil leak.

    Work to be done this weekend: UPR power pie and 90mm MAF, valve covers, FPR, and quadrant with firewall adjuster.
  16. So how are things going? Any progress?
  17. We took 2 weeks off. I went on vacation and visited all the NASCAR shops in North Carolina (check out my thread with 30+ pictures). I just got home Friday night. Rog is at Universal Studios.

    We got all the parts. Received the MAF adapter yesterday. We now can use the big 90MM MAF as plug and play. I may install the powerpipe and MAF this week after work. Rog has the other parts (valve covers, fuel pressure regulator, etc.).

    We will get back on it next weekend.
  18. Anyone want to buy this? Mishimoto sent us a new one for a FOX. This one is made for a 94-95. Doesn't have any wiring harness and I don't know much about wiring.


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  19. We were at it last night (yes weekday) until my Craftsmen Air Compressor bit the dust. Had the that thing for 8 years now. May mess with it tonight, hopefully something easy.

    Anyway, I started drilling the TFS valve covers for the breathers. Rog installed the Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator. The induction and AFM valve covers are off the car again. We need to round out the hole in the fender for the UPR Power pipe.

    Pics to come tonight, stay tuned.