Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. Out with the old.

    In with the new.

    Had to drill them for the breathers.





    Messaged the inner fender for the 4" power pipe.


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  2. coming along nicely. those trickflow covers look lots more betta!
  3. Anything looks better than stamped steel, chrome plated junk! Those TFS covers would look really good polished though.
  4. Since there is a black and polished theme going on under the hood the black looks good. We were thinking to polish just the TFS lettering. Although I don't think having a product name TFS is even a good idea since it's only the valve covers that are TFS. Would be nice to polish the entire cover down with TFS removed, that would look great. We hope the stud and nut combo on these will solve our leak issue. We couldn't get the AFM covers tight enough (we tried it 3 different ways, nada).

    That Aeromotive fuel regulator is beautiful, build quality incredible. If we ever need bigger fuel lines Aeromotive is the way to go.

    We have the UPR plastic 4 Power Pipe to go on with the 90MM Meter. Hopefully with all these parts, not leaks and no rich condition after the twEECer tune with the new MAF.

    After all this it looks to be a full suspension from TeamZ. Seems most of the big dogs are using this brand plus they are affordable.

    Front Suspension Package
    Team Z Mustang K-Member Package (79-93)

    Rear Suspension Package
    Team Z Strip Series 2 Complete Rear End Kit

    Caster / Camber Plates
    Caster/Camber Plates

    Front Struts
    Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable struts

    Rear Struts
    Strange Engineering 10-way adjustable shocks

    UPR Sub Frame Connectors $55 shipped.
  5. i can hear the crickets.....
  6. If all goes as scheduled, big update coming Sunday.....
  7. So UPS and FedEx stopped by today and brought this.....

  8. Suspension by TeamZ.


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  9. sweeeeeet...
  10. I think we may have solved our sloppy/floaty suspension problem.

    And I couldn't speak more highly of Dave at Team Z and his product. He answered all of my e-mails in less than 20 minutes, talked me out of the more expensive package I was looking at because I didn't need it for my application, and spent nearly an hour on the phone with me talking about suspension geometry and proper setup before I even placed the order. As far as the parts go, all the welds are perfect as well as the finish. I can't say anything about fitment yet, but I doubt there will be any snags beyond rusted/damaged hardware from the stock setup. Hopefully we can make good progress Sunday.
  11. Team Z, you guys aren't messing around.

  12. I was unfamiliar with Team Z until i started reading on Yellow Bullet. After reading thread after thread of happy customers running way faster times than we are shooting for I found their site. I was expecting prices closer to Maximum and Steeda but saw that quite a few of their parts were competitive with UPR. I dropped them a line and was sold after the e-mails/phone conversation with Dave.
  13. To do the K-Member we need the tool to suspend the motor from Harbor Freight. I've called the store closest to my house. Let's just say their customer service is nowhere near Dave @ TeamZ service. Both times they went to check only to leave me on hold for 15-20 minutes. They "may" have in stock.
    1000 Lb. Capacity Engine Support Bar

    Also, the gun show is in town this weekend. So in between both projects "Project Mancave" and "Project Mustang" we may hit the gun show.
  14. Count me out for the gun show. That is instant empty wallet for me even when I say I'm not going to buy anything.
  15. The parts will fit like a glove....
  16. Thats what I am expecting. The only thing I am wondering about is Dave suggested the stock rear V8 springs for our setup. Should we replace them or do you think they are ok after 20 years?
  17. So, we finally got back to it. We buttoned up under the hood and started the rear suspension. Pictures to follow.....
  18. We may have to paint the rear end. Those new parts make it look crappy.

    I will be the first to admit its been awhile since I've done suspension work. I forget how not fun it is (maybe it's the 100 degree temps). However the final product looks great.

    The Power Pipe really cleaned the engine bay up. That pic looks great. New TFS valve covers look better than I thought they would.
  19. We are waiting again. After talking to Joe about rear swaybar concerns, I called Dave at Team Z. After reading and talking to him, we decided that for my application, retaining the rear swaybar would be a better route. This was 100% my fault for not communicating my needs properly during my first phone call with Dave. He asked if they were installed yet. From the pics above you can see we put one side on. Unfortunately, he couldnt take them back for exchange if they had been put on the car already. I ordered the double adjustables with the swaybar mount, and they should have them back from powdercoating and ready to ship Thursday.

    If anyone needs a set of half installed and never driven on Single Adjustable LCA's with no swaybar mounts from Team Z, the set in the above pictures is for sale. The retail for $179. Make me an offer.