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  1. Kinda sucks we started the install. Let's just chuck it up as a bad day for all.
  2. You would be surprised how well worn GT springs or at times 4cyl springs work....
  3. Along with the rest of the 20 year old parts these springs are beat, paint coming off them, rubber insolators torn. You have any stock rear V8 springs in good shape?
  4. I think I have a set, Ill have to climb up in my loft at the shop and look. I use to keep any factory part guys didnt want...
  5. Ok, let us know. I can send PayPal money when you're ready. We are waiting again. Yes, I'll say it. Not been the smoothest transaction with TeamZ. New hardware kit never did come. These 20 year old bolts and nuts aren't worth using with this beautiful suspension. I don't trust it at all. Not only that but we are waiting for the new lower control arms with sway bar ends (Rog bought yesterday).

    Anyone need TeamZ lower control arms (see pictures above) with no rear sway bar bungs? We got them for a smoking deal. Rog is selling them for less than he paid and they are brand spanking new.
  6. The LCA's without the swaybar connections were my fault.Dave has been good throught everything and did offer to send me the links for the anti roll bar immediately if I needed them. Being that I didn't plan on doing that install immediately and I had a bump steer kit on backorder, I told him to wait on shipping to save the cost for him. All that didn't go smoothly was during our first phone call I mentioned the need for new suspension hardware due to rust. He was going to throw them in and just forgot to put them in the box. I called and he told me he would get them out. I figured they would arrive with the bumpsteer kit, but they did not. I contacted him today and asked him to add them to my LCA order that should go out tomorrow. Being that he was throwing them in without charging me, I cannot be upset about anything. Things like this can happen to anyone. It was just an inconvenience. Everything that he sent me was top notch quality and his support has been great as well. I would definitely reccommend them to anyone looking for top notch suspension with great service after the sale.
  7. I'll give an update since Green hasn't (probably still a bit peaved). Won't be any wrenching this weekend. UPS dropped off a package at Green's house yesterday but more parts are missing. From a Company which had nothing but incredible feedback on the web it sure has been unimpressive in the shipping department. Can't complain about the parts itself but shipping is pretty basic stuff.
  8. Spoke with Dave via e-mail today. His children are the ones responsible for the mishap. As I mentioned before, it can happen to anyone. He is shipping everything I need out with the new LCA's. A few delays, but otherwise a smooth transaction. If you read this Dave, thanks for making everything right as quickly as possible. I'm certain the wait will be well worth it.
  9. Dave if your reading this, please remove your kids from the shipping department. I'd like to get this car on the ground sometime soon. Thanks.:lol:
  10. Rick, were you able to check if you had a set of stock rear springs? We would love to knock those out in the process.
  11. Just an update.....I received the new LCA's from Team Z today along with the missing hardware. Dave addressed my issues immediately and went above and beyond with the resolution. Just wanted to say thanks, Dave for making everything as smooth as possible..
  12. Sounds like a customer service commercial.:flag:
  13. Well its true. You don't see customer service like that much anymore. Hell, most customer service isn't even based out of the US anymore.
  14. More work done this weekend.

    Lower Control arms and upper on driver side. Had issues removing the stock bushing of course. It's in there, like welded on. Rog ordered the removal tool.

    Removal of the stock upper control arm.


    Tried bearing puller.

    Trashed quad shocks, these are the worse quads I've seen. The bushings were rotted along with everything else.

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  15. You guys welding the torque boxes and putting battle boxes in?

    If you have the time and inclination, I'd LOVE to see a short writeup/pics on that!
  16. Green's friend who has a race shop will be welding in Sub-Frame connectors and welding around the torque boxes for extra strength. This car hasn't been raced, the torque boxes even after 20 years are in good shape. There is a little surface rust but some extra welds, grinder and paint should do the trick. Of course we will post pics of everything that's done. We would have done more this weekend but those damn stock upper bushings aint coming off with WD40 and a Hammer.
  17. did you drill out the rubber? then take a chisel to the steel incert ?
  18. We hole sawed the rubber bushing out, next up we will cut a notch in the steel insert then chisel. Green bought the upper bushing removal tool for the other side from Maximum Motorsports. Only problem is they didn't offer expedited shipping on the product so we have to wait until that arrives.


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  19. I always just caved in the metal part and it would slide right out. My brother used to work in a salvage yards so he taught me all the little "FAST REMOVAL" tricks. He also had a torch to use, but those ears are so thin that he was afraid of cutting through with a torch. Caving it in hasn't failed me yet!
  20. Well, the Maximum Motorsports bushing removal tool is worth its weight in gold. Today we got the spherical bushings and the UCA's installed. Had to quit because the 97* heat was kicking both of our butts. Im sure Vib will post a picture or two later on. I also picked new front swaybar bushings and power steering rack bushings. After the rest of this install is done, I think we will have changed every bushing in the car.