Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. That fox looks really nice. Good work.
  2. so some progress.....first some pictures from the shop the car is at.

  3. looks great it should be done soon huh?
  4. The car is on the ground with everything installed but the fuel pump and power pipe. The bump steer kit and coil overs still needs to be adjusted and the alignment needs to be done. There are a few bolts that stripped in the lower intake that are going to need to be helicoiled, but aside from that the car is done. It should go for its first drive in months by next week.
  5. So its been almost a month and the shops other work had my car on the back burner for the last month since he is a friend of mine. I told him to work on his bread and butter first and my project later. So finally he had time and there was a good amount of progress last week. The lower intake issue has been fixed, the rear suspension has all been adjusted and tightened, the power pipe is installed, and the electric fan is in place. A delivery from Summit should get to the shop tomorrow with the fan controller, subframe connectors, and new coolant reservoir. After that, all that is left is the fuel pump, adjust the height of the coilovers, and to get the car on an alignment rack. She started on Friday and damn does she sound good. The TwEECer is definitely going to need some adjustment, but the idle was rock solid at 800. Cant wait to get behind the wheel and see all the labor finally pay off. Another update to follow by the end of the week.....hopefully.
  6. I can hear the crickets in this thread, but here is an update. The Steeda subframe connectors, Mishimoto electric fan, Derale fan controller, Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, and Mr. Gasket coolant overflow tank have been installed. The car went out for its first drive pretty much since I got it yestersay. The suspension made a world of difference. The rear tires however are a different story. I didn't really get on the throttle because of the lack of any tuning so far, and the rear tires (perfect tread) made a cloud of smoke at 1/4 throttle and I assure you it isn't because of the cars horsepower. Those tires will be the first thing to go after the tune. I just ordered a MSD 6AL, new cap and rotor, and MSD wires which will be here later this week. I also picked up a triple pod a-pillar with autometer cobalt wideband, boost, and fuel pressure gauges. After that it's off to the dyno to see what she has. Below are pictures of the subframe connectors and fan.



  7. looks great glad to see an update ,i have a big project going on now with my svo
  8. Nice. Nothing beats having a car with a turbo. The guy who owns the shop the car is at is bugging me to let him build a turbo kit for it. I cant see doing it though without building the motor.
  9. yeah my old 93 has a turbo on it now even with a stock short block and x heads, f cam , it puts down 585 to the tire with a 76 mm
  10. I'd grab some Taylor or Moroso super 40 wires and dump the MSD wires, they just are not what they use to be and they are not 100% silicone jackets, the resistance isnt that great either.
  11. So here we are a few months later. The car ran strong however spitting oil out of the breathers under boost. Now it smokes like hell even without boost being a factor.

    Just put an order in with Rick 91 GT for a Dart block 331. Cant wait to get her back on the road again.
  12. Well at least it will do wheelies when done.
  13. And the sickness continues.....:nice:
  14. congrats he will do an awsome job
  15. Adding the Dart block definitely put me over budget, but I am determined not to make the same mistakes I made with my 94. Doing it right the first time was of the utmost importance for me here. Unfortunately though, I cringe at the fact that all this is going to do is show me where the next weakest link in the car is by breaking something else being that I highly doubt 6psi will satisfy me for long knowing the motor will be capable of holding 800+.
  16. i think you will have to re pulley after you add cubic inches what is the limit on that blower ?
  17. From Vortech's site. I will definitely need to buy the new pulleys and add the bypass. I already have a set of 42's on the way so I can ditch the FMU.

    Max Speed:53000 RPM
    Max Boost:17 PSI
    Max Flow:1050 CFM
    Max Power:725
    HPPeak Efficiency:75%
  18. go 60's you wont regret it