Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. Kool car!!!!!
    Excellent upgrades.
  2. So wheres the update :D
  3. :scratch: If Rick is asking for an update, then I wonder if it is in the car and running, or just in their possession???
  4. Oh its up and running good :D just want to see the pics.
  5. :worthlesb

  6. Sorry for the horrible quality of the pics. Didnt realize the small setting would shrink them that much. The car idles like a champ and cold starts with no issue. The same with warm starts. Part throttle driveability sucks due to an extremely rich condition that I will have to work out with the Tweecer. A/F between 10.2 and 12.6 all the time so it is running pig rich. Idles perfectly at 900. I am getting a little bit of drip out of the breathers so a catch can is going in next week, but other than that everything went smooth. Does anyone know what the factory Vortech pulley setup is for the normal S-Trim and how much boost that is supposed to produce?
  7. 3.33 is the most common upper pulley...8-10ish psi depending on combo.
  8. Sounds good....should really make good power, that Victor will really help.
  9. I'm sure it will. The RPM thats on it now has to be restricting the heck out of it. The car is extremely responsive and idles solid. Just want to turn up the boost a bit before I pay the money for the tune.

    Right after I got done taking the stang for a (half throttle) ride, the owner of the shop took me for a ride in the Noble M400 that you can see the back bumper of in the first picture. I nearly crapped my pants and was holding onto the cage rails for dear life. Definitely the fastest and best handling car I have ever been in. Totally off topic, but thought I would share. Its here if you want to check it out.
  10. Id love to drive that...
  11. On the Top Gear America Tanner went over to the UK to drive the Nobile. The company didn't have a top speed for the car and wanted him to run it. I think it went 202MPH if I remember correctly. An American designed and built it but of course it couldn't be assembled in the US because it would cost too much.
  12. The Noble M600 is even more insane. The M400 I believe had a Toyota V6, while the M600 has a Volvo engine. Those are really nice cars, but they are almost kit cars in quality. The body is actually made in South Africa and shipped to Lestershire for final assembly. Neat concept. It's a great way to get Super car performance down to the masses.

  13. I'm pretty sure it was the M600 they tested then. I remember him saying no air bags, no ABS, no traction control, none of that stuff. It was pretty much made to wipe the floor with cars over $150,000 but could be affordable to many super car enthusiasts.
  14. Yeah, it would be the M600 he tested. That's the new one. I remember the M400 being on Top Gear UK before they even had Top Gear US.

  15. very cool when will we have dyno numbers ?
  16. Dyno numbers will be coming soon. Need to finish the 5 lug and cobra brakes this coming week. It appears that part throttle driveability is almost perfect now with many hours behind the keyboard with the tweecer, so soon it will be down to full throttle which will all be done on the dyno. At cruising speeds and part throttle, the wideband sits around 13.0 which I consider to be great. No stuttering, bogging, or hesitation at all. The couple times I have gone full throttle, the gauge reads near 15.2 consistently which I am definitely not ok with. Need to get it a bit closer to 12.0 or so then on the dyno for fine tuning. Numbers to follow soon.
  17. So finally after months and months of nothing.....There has been some progress. The 5 lug and cobra brakes were 95% completed tonight. Still need to drill the spindles to fit the bumpsteer bolts, need to shim the ball joints, and need to replace the brake lines since the company that sold me mine sent me an incompatible thread type for the calipers. Once that is done, the car is going back down again for removal of the Vortech. I picked up an On3 turbo kit 2 weeks ago and that install starts next week. I also have a cluster being built by Florida50 with Autometer Cobalt gauges since half of my factory gauges either don't work at all or work incorrectly. Pics from tonight will be up in the morning.