Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. And here is the progress from last night. Also replaced the cheese graters with LX tails. Also have stock foglights and new corners and markers to replace the front lights. The wheels are temporary. A buddy borrowed my 03 cobra wheels to go to the track with the drag radials.

    And the engine bay as it sits until next week.....
  2. The LX Tails look fantastic. Use the stock ones for when you need to put cheese on your pizza.
  3. Well I dont have a clue where the motivation came from, but the steering is back together, the brakes are done, and the car is now on jack stands with the entire Vortech kit and exhaust removed. We did a mock fit of the turbo and it definitely isnt going to be a direct bolt on. We are a bit bewildered at how the A/C is going to be retained with where the lines sit in relation to the turbo and manifold. I guess we will figure that out in the next couple days. Pictures will follow tomorrow.
  4. I love watching these projects snowball. ;)

    Nice car! It's come a long way.
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  5. Snowball? This one has been more of an avalanche. It was originally only supposed to be an h/c/i car with parts I already had along with suspension. Just something fun to play with on the weekend with Joe. It has turned into a full out build by myself. After this is is comlete until I decide to turn up the boost, or start breaking parts (which is inevitable at this point as far as the rear and torque boxes go).
  6. Yeah, that thing got way too nuts for me. Avalanche is probably the correct term though.
  7. that's progress for sure. can't wait for some numbers on the turbo setup.
  8. easy 700hp with 12psi
  9. Don't say that. Then there will be pictures of new Tremec, driveshaft, bulletproof rear, torque boxes.
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  10. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365262070.859158.jpg and the latest.....
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  11. turbo_installed_1.jpg




    And the latest......this kit has been a fitment nightmare every step of the way. For those of you who had a smooth experience with an On3 install, you were lucky. It is almost complete now, having to remake several of the pipes. The worst one by far was from the intake manifold to the piping for the intercooler. When installed it was hitting the frame at the top of the fender as well as sitting directly on the downpipe and hot side of the turbo. This was one of many issues. There is no doubt in my mind though that after all the aches and pains it will have been worth it.
  12. And that is why I now quote that kit hourly had nothing but issues with 3 of those kits.

    Looks good now crank it up and go get the numbers : D

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  13. We have well over 20 hours in the installation of the turbo kit alone. Aside from the piping to the manifold needing to be completely remade, the oil drain sits right on the manifold and needs to be rerouted, the power steering lines needed to be rerouted because of the BOV location, more than half of the bolt holes on the manifolds needed to be drilled to line up properly, and the A/C line needed to be remade to avoid the hot side of the turbo. Call me a primadonna, but A/C and power steering are a must for me on a street car, especially with the heat in Florida. So some of those hours could have been avoided had I been willing to make that sacrifice. The kit has been far from the "bolt on" status that it is given by On3. The oil drain should be done today and we will be starting her up to check for leaks. The last thing left that I need is the belt and new crank pulley bolts. If anyone happens to know the size and thread of those bolts, it will save me some more headache with trial and error.

    Once that is done, all that is left is wiring in the Florida 50 gauge cluster and some time on the dyno. Hopefully I will be bringing the car home sometime next week assuming everything with the kit is ok once we get her started.
  14. Yup that sounds familar..I made q few new pipes.

    Off the top of my head 5/16-18

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  15. looking good ,hope to see you have it up and running soon
  16. Well after 34 hours invested in this install we were finally able to start her. A couple of the v bands have some minor leaks, but aside from that she idles solid. Just a few minor things left and the new cluster install to go. Looks like Tuesday the car will be ready to get on the dyno. Numbers coming soon.
  17. Hit the rollers yet?

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