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  1. Maybe he's doing wheelies....:runaway:
  2. yeah what did it make ?
  3. No dyno yet... be next week most likely

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  4. is it next week yet ?
  5. Currently the car runs. We had a setback with two things. The bearing in the 50 mile old Edelbrock water pump died and was replaced with a brand new stocker, and the oil pan gasket is leaking considerably from both the front and rear and it has been confirmed that all bolts are tightened correctly and it is neither the rear main or front main seals. Rick said he was sending out another oil pan gasket, but it has not arrived yet. The car has since had a custom single 3" exhaust made exiting at the rear with a Flowmaster Outlaw muffler on it. The car is loud as hell but not as unbearable as my old 94 was with the Flows and dumps. You can hear the turbo whistling out the exhaust at idle.

    It has been run down the street a few times paying a ton of attention to the oil level and it builds boost so fast. It is at 8psi by just under 3000 on the tach. with an A/F of about 12:1 the whole time so it is still a bit rich. Better that than the other way though.

    Once the turbo blanket and oil pan gasket get here it will be off to the dyno. This delay is dragging out like a bad movie, but I know Rick is in the process of making everything right now so I can post some real info on his build.
  6. Why didn't you post the pics you sent? The single exhaust is pretty damn nice.
  7. any updates ?
  8. I always cough up the money for that really nice one piece Felpro gasket. Those never leak.

  9. They do leak.....and that is what was used and sent;) I blame more on aftermarket pans they are not always perfect. I had a moroso once that had .375" gap up at the front seal.

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  10. So here are the latest. The car has a wicked exhaust leak at the downpipe vband right at the turbo but other than that the car runs great. A/F at full throttle sticks around 11.0 at 8psi which I am fine with.

    The only issue is after cruising for a bit the car will get into the 220's. It is a 50/50 mix with Water Wetter, 190* thermostat, stock but new water pump, Mishimoto aluminum 3 core radiator, Mishimoto electric fan that comes on at 205*, and a removed A/C condenser. I know lowering the fan cut on temp or lowering the thermostat won't help and the Edelbrock water pump failed on me in 20 miles so I refuse to use another. Anyone have any idea where to go from here? I will be adding a cowl hood and a cobra grill insert soon so that should help slightly, but I doubt it will completely resolve the issue.

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  11. do you have the deflector under the nose? I cant tell in the pics posted, I know that helps a good bit

    Actually it looks like it is there.
  12. Yes, it's there and for being about 22 years old it is in surprisingly good shape. We talked about fabricating one out of sheetmetal that is a bit more directed, but aren't sure if it will be enough to rectify the issue.
  13. Good luck I have no idea, my car seems to be fine with no ac, generic rad, and a electric w/p (knock on wood)
  14. Are you turbocharged though? The car ran cool with the Vortech. With all that added exhaust under the hood and the intercooler blocking the radiator it has increased temperature significantly.
  15. yes 363 t76 on lots of E85
  16. I think an electric water pump is critical on a turbo setup. It can move some serious coolant at idle compared to a mechanical pump which can't. A good quality pump..not some proform crap.
  17. i would adjust your fan temp to come on 5 degrees higher than your t stat
  18. as for your exhaust leak, if its where the crossover pipe v band is mated below the turbo mounting point, a Walker #31384 gasket will fit in there and fix you up
  19. Does it cool down while driving at a constant speed and not just putting around town? Are you sure you have air bled out? Where is the temp sensor located for the fan?

    The exh leak isn't helping dumping all that extra heat under the hood.

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  20. Are you still using the twEECer? I thought it had fan settings?