Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. I have had great luck with my Meziere 55 GPM pump, spendy but has been trouble free for years.
  2. awesome job on the car, looks great
  3. i am for turning the fan on sooner and a lower thermostat it gives you a better chance at keeping the temp under control before it gets too high and are any of your pipes wraped and a blanket on the hot side i didnt get to look at pics yet ?
  4. There does not seem to be a significant difference between cooling when on the highway and cooling during stop and go. All the air is definitely out of the system, and the temp sensor for the fan is in the middle of the radiator about an inch from the top. The exhaust leak is something new also. It just developed and was not there right when I got the car back.
  5. Yes, the tweecer is still in there, but there are no fan settings for the fox since the fan was not electric in those cars. I am using an external fan controller to set the on and off points.
  6. I will try turning down the fan setpoints as soon as I have a chance to fix the exhaust leak. All the hot side pipes are wrapped (manifolds, crossover, and downpipe), and there is a DEI blanket on the hot side of the turbo.
  7. Totally forgot about that. Guess It's time for Mezeire electric water pump.
  8. This avalanche of a build is awesome. I don't feel so bad now. As for that On3 turbo kit, I've been looking at it and thinking about getting it but I have heard that installation is always a problem because you have to modify so many little things to the point that you need welding and maybe some fabrication skills. The price seems to be the best thing about it. Then it goes back to "You get what you pay for". So, I guess I'll continue to dream about getting a Hellion kit.

    Awesome build!
  9. the rule of thumb is hot sitting not enough fan hot driving not enough rad
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  10. So it's been forever since an update......Just got a Victor EFI intake and an Aeromotive Stealth Kit PN# 17130 along with a set of 60lb injectors. Tremec Magnum coming next.....Just test fitting things, the rails will need some nice grinding on the intake as well as at least a 2" cowl hood.....Pics coming soon.....