Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. For having neck surgery not too long ago I'm surprised I hung in there for that long. I'm hurting pretty good and a wheelchair does sound pretty good right now. Like mentioned being bent over the fenders that long can be brutal, not to mention it's 95 degrees out with 100% humidity.

    We didn't drive the car much at all and now it's stripped down to the block currently. Head gaskets and other goodies coming.
  2. I feel your pain on the heat. What part of FL do you live? I detailed my newly acquired 'Stang today for the first time and man it was hot! But I did enjoy the super low fly by's from the fighter jets at the air show here in St. Augustine!
  3. We are in Southeast FL about 50 miles or so NW of Miami.
  4. Like Sunrise, or Coral Springs?

  5. Yes sir.
  6. nice wrk guys , it will be up and running in no time
  7. Thanks guys. We're a little rusty since it's been about 5 years since our last Mustang project. I do need my garage back so we'll have it up and running hopefully soon. It's been fun so far and for both we needed it. May have more pictures today. We have prep work to do. Want to clean up the interior today.
  8. I grew up in Pembroke Pines, and went to Coral Springs High School.

  9. I dont think I ever knew either of you, but its very cool to see a couple guys come together on a project like this. Makes me miss the times I had with my high school bud before he moved away. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see more pics and hopefully a video in the end.
  10. Working on the inside today. The door panels are just hanging on by a thread. All the push tabs were broken, the window didn't go up all the way, all the plastic bezels needed painting. Took the door panel off and fixed everything and painted the bezels.



  11. Bottled water: check
    Airsoft ammo: check
    Micro Machines: double check
  12. Not only do we work hard we play hard. We have 3 pistols and 3 full automatic rifles. Rog and I hit the gun range a lot but my boys shoot air soft in my courtyard. I have thousands if green air soft pellets all over my yard.
  13. i can't believe how far you guys have gotten already. keep up the good work!
  14. here are a couple pics of my old project.



    oddly enough, I dont have any of Joe's 94.
  15. Here is my 94 with a bunch of different combo's.

    Sleeper Supercharged.


    Then the 347 and Cobra Wheels

  16. Did you like S/C or NA better?
  17. The supercharger was very finicky. It ran faster and idled better when it was 95+ degrees out. When it was cool it barely stayed running. Much more tweaking and tuning that must be done correctly in order for stability. When it was N/A although a bit less power the fun factor was greater. I wasn't in constant fear of missing a shift at 6500 rpm. If I had to do it all over again I would have dropped a 408 or bigger in it. I know turbo is the craze which is great (I owned a 500HP Grand National) is still choose a big motor.
  18. Thanks for those old pics, looks like fun cars. Interesting to see that you prefer N/A after having both. Ive never owned a F/I car, but was very close to pulling the trigger on a vortech before deciding to keep it simple and see what I can get out of my budget H/C/I by using a custom cam. Ive always wondered how much trouble one may have going from nice cool fall days to hot, humid days with a blower. In Iowa our temps change drastically from day to day.
  19. I absolutely loved my blower:

    After I had this car tuned, it would idle all day long no matter how cold or hot it was. I was pumping 15psi through a stock 130k mile longblock and it just kept ticking (a ticking time bomb, but hey! lol). I loved how I could cruise on the interstate with a smooth stock engine and drive around town with stock street manners. I've never owned a hot H/C/I setup myself, I just base my desire for them on what I've seen from my friends who've ran them.
  20. The blower was great on the good days. I could wipe the floor with Corvette Z06's back then with the stock 16" waffle rims and Nitto drag radials. I took it to the track once with the blower but I was getting detonation at the top end of the 1/4 so I had to let off (ran 12.67 @ 116+MPH). It pulled like crazy all night but had to keep letting off. Then one day I was racing a Supercharged MACH 1 and I didn't lift, then BOOOOOM! and lots of smoke. I won but it was the last day of the blower (it was making 12.5psi, total time bomb that finally blew). The first time I got to romp on the 347 was great. It would scream to 6800rpm no problem and the torque was simply amazing. I used the P.M.S. system which I got help from Troy on the boards here with tuning.

    P.M.S. I would recommend this tuner as it works really well plus you can datalog without a laptop.



    Back then after several blown head gaskets because of the 12psi pulley, We got so quick at installing the supercharger I could do it on my work bench in 20 minutes then bring the entire assembly to the car and bolt it on.