Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. Camshaft removal and installation today.


    There were Heineken requests so Roger obliged.

  2. Doing some prep work. Have a polish and black theme going.

    The sensor looked out of place with a polished induction.


    Painted timing cover, water neck, brackets and little items.


    Painting the inside of the engine bay.


    Our painted had a bit of a problem.

  3. Looks like it's really coming together!! Every time I see pix of your Vibrant GT I cry a little....makes me wish the previous owners had repainted mine the right way. :(

    Also, Green 94, I had no idea you sold your 2006...that had to be THE best looking 05-09 I've ever seen pictures of!! That car had THE look.

    Can't wait to see the outcome on this beauty with your guys attention to detail!!
  4. He sold the yellow 2006 to me. The best part about the car is it had the 18 polished Pony wheel option (most had 17's). After my neck surgery driving stick everyday wasn't a good idea so I had to sell it.

    Oh, and I cry a little everytime I wake up and realize I sold the VibrantRedGT. At the time I got a lot of money for it and needed a DD.

  5. Puncturing a can of spray paint to get the paint out = Terrible idea

    Although I do wish I was there to watch.....the picture looks quite entertaining. Did Allie cry after painting her nails black?
  6. This thread would have been incomplete with the requisite Heineken bottle in one of the pictures. :)
  7. Paul, the Heineken request had been made and Rog delivered (a few times).

    The spray can was a good idea since it was never shaken (charged). However it wasn't until after I was told that my son shook the crap out of it. I didn't know air brush machines put out that much overspray. If that were the case, overspray is less with a regular spray can. Although the air brush machine can get into tighter spots which is what we are using it for anyway.
  8. I'm no paint expert. We weren't even going to paint (which I don't like doing) anything. Well that was until we stripped the motor down to the block. This car was originally green and it showed with the motor stripped.

    It got dark when we finished so the pictures show it no justice, it came out really good (no more green).









  9. Damn, I missed out tonight. The 30 mile drive kills my ability to participate during the week unfortunately. At any rate, all the ordered parts should be here by Thursday so if all goes well, we may be starting her Sunday.
  10. Wow this is awesome! I hope to turn my car into a project starting the end of this year..... between the both of you there seems to be quite a bit of mustang knowledge, I cant wait to see this car complete.
  11. Fuel Pump:notnice::notnice::notnice:
  12. It can idle without the new pump. Is ot ikwecan drive it yet anyway. I still havent found the plate.
  13. New items to do tonight.

    Prep all areas we painted last night (cover), move everything away from block, prep & clean timing cover area of block, clean / scrub block of grease / dirt and paint block black gloss.

    That's the goal for tonight. With this done the weekend could be just for installing engine parts (timing cover, new lifters, pushrods, installed GT40X heads, Scorpion rockers, Edelbrock polished lower intake, Edelbrock RPM Upper with new polished 70MM Throttle body and spacer.

    The plan may included hiding wires. I've noticed the FOX cars have lots more wires than the 94-95 SN95 model. Since the engine bay looks great with the new paint I'd hate to hide it with all that spaghetti wiring. This will include removing fender wells and extending wires.
  14. Joe, what did you do to prep the old dirty bay for paint?
  15. Unconventional but we used brake clean and rags. The brake clean eats up the grease and grime extremely well. It's very toxic though. It was dirty so bad that it was caked on. Using a rag just moved the grease around. All we used was Engine Enamel 500 Degrees Black High Gloss $4.99 per can (has primer built in). We bought this to paint the block while it was stripped down. As we stripped it lower the green began to really show. We weren't worried about it being professionally sprayed with a fancy paint like PPG obviously. I do have to mention it sure looks like it was done professionally. I'm not bragging, in fact I'm shocked becuase paint work that I do usually sucks. Will it stick forever, who knows but it's not green which was the goal.
  16. at least you didn't do "flat black" like so many do. There's nothing more hideous than a beautifully painted car with a flat black engine compartment! Even if done professionally a flat black bay looks amateur.

    Can't wait to see it all done! Soon I'll be pulling my 6'er out of my 99 and I'll be painting my engine bay as well. Haven't decided whether I want to spray bomb it or go down and get some cheap single stage car paint and do it that way.
  17. More pics.

    Before paint, we sprayed a little on the left side of this picture to test that's why it's black. Also sprayed a little on the left side of the firewall. We were still prepping the bay. Battery and tray still in there.

    Removal of the battery and tray revealed more green and grime.

    Took all the sensors off the fender-MAF and smog crap.

    Getting ready to spray.

    After, it got dark. I'll take a picture when I get home today and post in the light.
  18. Well here is the picture with engine bay all black.


    The hiding of the wires have started. The passenger side is finished. Only wire over there is for the MAF.


    Also cleaned the block in the timing cover / water pump area. Also painted the block.

  19. Goals for tonight. I don't like how blotchy the passenger side paint came out. Now that the wires are hidden that needs to look better. Going to sand that and repsray the section. More wires hidden into the fenders. That's all for tonight.
  20. Yuck man, I HATE wiring. Can you believe there are 19 wires for a 95 GT driver's side door lock/window/mirror controls? Im putting on aluminum door skins, and relocating the switches to the center console area. What the hell was I thinking...