Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. Man, that's crazy and good luck. I remember the cars growing up had the window buttons in the center console.

    Well I worked on the car and finished fixing the blotchy paint, it's glass now. I started moving wires on the driver's side. My broken neck is really aching today. Doubtful I will be working on the car tonight (Friday). We have too many projects going to get the car running this weekend but the heads will be on by Sunday (that's my goal).
  2. You hate wiring?? I mean, I hate wiring problems, but doing the wiring itself is great. It's all clean work.

  3. So far none of the wiring has been clean. This car is 20 years old and has grease / dirt on every thing. Taking the fenderwells off was the dirtiest. We are cleaning as we go.

    We need to pick up a water pump, 255LPH fuel pump and some other misc. items hopefully tomorrow from Steeda or UPR (which ever is open on Saturday).

    Rog may work on his own tonight installing new motor mounts and steering shaft.
  4. Steeda is definately open on saturday on a reduced schedule. It's a lot closer than UPR. Is Horsepower Sales still in business. I used to get great deals from them.

  5. Great to see you guys back!!
  6. Horsepower Sales turned into Murray's Speed & Custom and have a bunch of retail stores. UPR claims to be open 7 days a week. Steeda open for a few hours.
  7. Yeah, I've heard of Murray's. Horsepower sales was awesome when the original owner had it. The new owners f'd it up.

  8. Finally got the lower timing gear off with a bearing puller. We baked the new gear to 350 degrees for 15 minutes and it worked like a charm, slid right on. The balancer is on as well as the timing cover. We just put the aluminum head on the passenger side.


  9. Those gears are heat treated for hardness. You can't bake em like that.

  10. More pics of today. Passenger side head with pushrods and rockers. Just installed new water pump.

    Rog tightening the head bolts down.


  11. I love wiring as well. Its something i feel im half decent at and its almost therapeutic.
  12. I despise wiring. I have re-wired my entire car headlights to tail lights. Solder, heat shrink....ugh just tedious work.

    Sometimes I think I am to picky is why....
  13. Also, great build/progress pics fellas!

    Reminds me of the old days around here :)
  14. Just about finished and all in one day.


    NOT! It's mocked for motivation.
  15. To many Hein's yall get back to work! :)
  16. Kinda is like the old days with a lot less people. Guess most have moved on to newer Mustangs. I had a new one too but it just was not the same. Been wanting another 5.0 project for awhile.
  17. Trust me ive done my fair share.
  18. We just adjusted the rockers.

  19. Lower intake is on.


    With the headers now on.

  20. That is all for today. Valve covers are partially on. Chasing threads on the aluminum heads so there isn't a chance of cross threading. It's so hot out today that we cannot move any further. I still have another neck surgery I'm putting off so my mind tries to push me to keep going but my body says NO. Roger has back issues too so more pictures another day.