Progress Thread We're Back And With A New Project. Build Thread!

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  1. My back, arms, and legs are on fire right now. I dont know how we did this 8 hours a day all weekend with the other cars. The last couple weeks have kicked my ass.
  2. You're just old!
  3. says the guy thats pushing 40.....
  4. great progress guys. coming along very nicely.
  5. Accessories are just about on.

  6. Keep it up geezers! Just kidding, couldnt resist with your old man, I need surgery, my body hurts all over talk...Youve accomplished more on this car than I have on mine in 4 years, so I cant say much.
  7. It doesnt have anything to do with age.....Im just lazy, out of shape, and forgot how taxing this stuff and the south florida humid heat can be on the body. There is much more to come in the next few weeks. Suspension next.....
  8. Its coming along really well, keep it up.
  9. Ran into a snag. One of the power steering pump long support bolts seemed to be snapped off. It's been this way for a very long time. One bolt was holding the driver side accessories together, scarey.


    Didn't like the way the A/C bracket and coil bracket looked so it was painted.


    Even painted around the stock radiator. Don't know how long this will stay in the car but it looks new now. I know paint people hate to see magazine paper for prep but I couldn't resist the old phone book laying around.

  10. All the front accessories are finally on the car. Drilling that bolt out took so major time. Then we added the long bolt and nut in the back only to find out that it needed to go through the A/C bracket. We took everything off again and started over. Then we discovered that we should have put the thermostat water neck on while the intake was off. The lower bolt is lower than the timing cover so you can't get a socket on it. Had to wrench small increments at a time, very time consuming. Well that's all for tonight.

  11. Did you get the power steering bolt out?

  12. Yeah, I mentioned that, it took awhile to drill that out. That bolt was no joke, it was serious DIN. Since drilling messed up the aluminum threads there was no material left to tap it so we used a long bolt and nut, done.

    Oh, I painted the brackets. If you go up a few pictures the A/C bracket was pretty shabby. Painting the front accessory brackets were a real good idea. Fan and radiator go in tomorrow. We need to put the H-Pipe back on, inner fender wells and rewire a few things. Looks like all we need to do is put the upper in but not the case. More pictures tomorrow.
  13. Yeah, I must have missed that. I was about to recommend cutting a notch on the top of it, and backing it out with a cold chissel and hammer. That's a good way to keep from messing up the threads.

  14. here is a trick for the lower thermo housing use a socket head cap screw then you can use a ball end to put it in .
  15. Good call. I really don't want to do that again.

    More pictures today. We are up and ready to go.
  16. We are beat down. The cat fought us on everything. Can't even type right now.

  17. I know what you mean about the heat/humidity being taxing. I dont know how the humidity here in Iowa compares to Florida, but when I moved here from Texas I didnt even want to go outside in the summer. Texas was dry heat, and is so much easier to bear. Looks like you guys are getting it wrapped up. We'll be looking for a vid soon enough.
  18. As Joe said, nothing cooperated today. Does anyone have any trick for removing the stock steering shaft? I fought with it for over an hour after taking out the bolts at both sides and I couldn't even get it loose with a crowbar. I finally gave up when i was abotu to start hitting the car with the crowbar. THe one on my 94 slipped off with no trouble but this one is proving to be more complicated. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  19. Well we have an hour wait at the restaurant so I got time.

    We finished most of the wiring on the passenger side, put most in the fender. Got the H-pipe installed on the drivers side but a fight on the passenger so its not done. We threw out the lower intake heater bars and didn't have a back up for the ECT sensor. Don't know what we were thinking. We need to find an adapter and install the ECT. We need bolts or studs to install the throttle body as the stock ones were trash. The starter block I messed up all the wires as I was trying to hide them. All the diagrams I have didn't help. Dead in the water until the wires are routed correctly. As mentioned Rog started a steering project that hasn't gone well. There is actually a bunch of stuff to do, not starting this weekend.
  20. Well it's not a project unless things go wrong. I hope I have no serious snag ups when mine goes back
    together since it's just medoing all of it. Better luck when you guys take another stab at it