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  1. Here is the deal my low oil light came on (DOHC 96 Cobra) so I shut the car off pulled the dip stick and it read about 2 quarts low. Then I waited about 20 min to cool and it still read about the same. But the next day the oil was almost at the max mark and the light was not on! ANY IDEALS I want to put Vortech blower on and now I'am worried about low oil!!!

    pressure is perfect
  2. You put in too much oil because the heads are holding a LOT of oil when the motor is warm. If you had added one quart and allowed the motor to cool you would have probably been right in the sweet spot.
  3. I did't add any oil and did a oil change about 500 miles ago put in six quarts. How long will the heads hold the oil ?
  4. Man my reading sucks today. I now see you did not add oil. It usually takes a half hour or so to really drain the heads, although something still sounds fishy. I wonder if your sender is getting a little touchy.

    Anyway, its normal to read a little low while the car is fully hot, so don't sweat it.
  5. thanks for the info., and what oil weight are you running?? 10w - 40 should i try something thinner
  6. YES, you need to run 5-30, the newer motors have much tighter clearances.
  7. I'm using 2.5-15 and it ROCKS! :nice:
  8. The Check oil light probably came on because you either
    a) Parked the car on an incline and the oil was collecting inside the pan at an angle, tripping a code because the oil sender was not picking up anything. A normal occurrence on these cars.
    b) You shut off the engine and then restarted shortly thereafter. The oil was still top side in the block and tripped the light.
    Due to the small oil hole passages in the 4.6 block (9mm holes I think) Would recommend going back to the 5W-30 weight or if you want to compromise, go the the 10W-30
  9. never heard of that! who makes it?
  10. AmsOil ROCKS! :nice: