West TX stangers again

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  1. Ok, I've done this before in the past and there were quite a few ppl around this area. Post up where you are at and what do you drive.

    I'm here in Lubbock. Look at sig.
  2. I'm in Amarillo for now. Car is in sig as well as times from San Antonio's Alamo Dragway. Track is pretty close to sea level. See ya around.
  3. Hey guys. I'm living in Borger, TX for now. Next fall I'll be in Lubbock at Tech though.
  4. I am not in TX but close enough ,, here in good old clovis NM
  5. I'm in San Antonio...just traded my 01 gt for 03 mach...going to SAR tonight..
  6. Nice stang snowb07. What kinda exhaust system were you putting?

    '03 6-Speed, you'll like Lubbock. There are quite a few Mustangs around here. You have your classic ones (wish I still had mine), the Fox bodies, and then the newer are everywhere.
  7. Any of you guys ever heard of Borger?? I bet you haven't.
  8. I have heard of it. I'm wondering if I have ever pass through there? Is it a small, small town?
  9. Well, either you've passed through it, or you've read somewhere that we're the 3rd fastest shrinking town in the state.....population census: 1990 - 16,500 2000 - 14,300
  10. 03 6-speed....Wow that's a small town,,
    NotoriousGT350 ....Thanks My exhaust is all slp just missing the headers,, I am still not sure if I am going turbo or supercharger yet so the stock manifold will work for now,,
  11. Abilene TX. Car is in Sig.
  12. San Antonio here.
  13. Jeff,
    I think I had talked to you before about a car show that was happening around in Brady. I thought about bringing the 65'(when I had it) up there, but there was another car show. Were you one of the coordinators?
  14. Im here in Abilene....car in sig....

    BTW can anyone hook me up on some discounts or something in Ruidoso NM for snowboarding...need lift tickets, way to expensive for my friends...there are 5 of us....
  15. Im here in lubbock with my azure blue mach 1. Gonna keep it stock for a few months and then boooooooost
  16. greeny46: Are you a member on racelubbock.com?

    I've seen a few Mach 1s around here. Can't wait to see one at the track run here in Idalou.

  17. Yeah my name on racelubbock is derek and dehoass on all the other boards. I do plan on gears, slicks, few bolt ons and am hoping for some descent 12's like that. then on to a power adder
  18. wow I am now joining a new forum ,, there is also Racingsouthwest.com if you guys are not members,,,