West TX stangers again

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  1. SWEET hey JR you gonna be at the track saturday????
    if so look for me man
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna be there. Gonna borrow my friend's Draglites and ET streets.
  3. cool, launch that baby aroound 3500 and drop that time down a bit ;)
  4. who else is going to the track tonight???I might show up..
  5. I'm leaving about 6:30 to the track, maybe 6:45. I have some draglites on. Hope to see yall there. Gotta go spit shine the car and change out tires and wheels. Talk to ya later or at the track.

  6. cool, im going if i can come up wiith some et streets or drags.
    it would be useless without them
  7. All I had to say was the track suck. There were slow times from a lot of people there. It was pretty slippery there. I only ran once as well as my friend b/c there was no use running if the times were going to be bad. Lots of mustangs there though. I've never seen so many. Lot of fox body ones.
  8. that really sucks that the track was badd, maybe next weekend it will be better,,
  9. I'm thinking about trying out Daloca near Levelland. See if I can get a better time there.
  10. yeah i was sick as 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' this past weekend, so maybe next time.... i also gotta find some tires anybody got any leeds
  11. Gotta test a pic.

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  12. '02 black GT from midland texas here
  13. So I spent most of my spring break working on my stang. My front seal was leaking really badly so I replaced it. I went ahead and got a new water pump since I had to take the old one off anyway. So I get it all back together and guess what, I forgot to replace one of the logator pins in the timing chain cover. Squeek Squeek Squeek... Crap!! That was the same thing that happened the first time and then after a few thousand miles the squeek was replaced by an oil leak.

    I think the Timing cover must be slightly off center and thats why the thing is sqeeking like crazy. I know I should take it back apart and find another locator pin or maybe even replace the timing chain cover, but I don't want to. I'll probably just wait until it starts leaking again. Stupid me.

    Oh well at least I got the tranny leaks fixed and my new 5.0 shifter installed. Those 5.0 shifters are so much nicer than the stock tremec's. I can actually find first gear now.
  14. Hey I wanted to ask you guys if any of you went to the SCCA autocross in Canyon today. I would have gone but we thought it was next weekend and I signed my self up to work today.
  15. went to idalou last night 3/20. ran a best of 13.3 @105 with just an h pipe and mufflers. 12's here i come :D
  16. Hey greeny, is that in the mach 1? Great times. I thought about going, but didn't make it in time into Lubbock.
  17. jikelly, what mustang do you drive? Wondering if I have seen it in town.

    Greeny, were you around the Dodge dealership on Frankford stretching it's legs and spinning here and there? Car sounds nice and fish tailed a bit going East turning off of Frankford going towards the loop.

  18. I've got a 73 mustang convertible currently covered in three shades of primer. Grey, Black and a little red. I hope to finish the paint job this summer.
  19. notoriousgt350 yes that was in the mach-1. I took the forged/head/cammed motor out of my green car and sold it and then sold the car. That was prolly me close to frontier, i was prolly at my brothers house. I will prolly be at idalou saturday but just watching. I need to get my slix before i run again.
  20. You'll be in 12s easy. I notice a lot of the LS1 guys doubt the Mach 1's. Funny seeing them get beat by one if I had the chance.