West TX stangers again

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  1. Ls-1 guys doubt everybody. I have already raced 3 or 4 on the street and havent lost yet. I raced a 2001 ta with gears, headers, full exhaust, lid and et streets. I race from a 20 roll and pulled him the whole way. I know my luck wont be so good when i run into a heads/cam or sprayed ls-1. oh well
  2. They just can't stand losing to a mustang.
  3. Hey Lubbock stangers, there has been a rash of car thefts and breakins in Lubbock. Last night a friend of mine had his car broken into and his radio stolen and get this the but-wholes cut out his door lock to get in ruining his door. I was so pissed off I couldn't belive it. The week before my roomates GN was stolen from our apartment. They cracked his steering column to get it to start and then ripped out every electronic accessory he had installed. They totaly jacked up his wireing harness in the process. I think I might start sitting out side with a shotgun at night, but I am definatly going to get me an alarm.
  4. Kinda glad I live a couple of miles north on 179/4th. I remember 2 yrs ago about 6am in the morning cops knocking on my apt door at the Heritage Apts and they caught 2 guys trying to steal my wheels. Went outside and my car was on a jack and cinder block with the wheels off. Was I pissed and scared!! Some people just need to get a job or something.
  5. jikelly what apts do you live in. that sux. My apts are gated so that helps a little bit. One night i got the license plate of some guys snooping around but i skerred them off. It also helps to have a factory deck and not leave anything out.
  6. I live in the TangleWood apartments they are right off slide rd and not in a bad neighborhood unless I guess you consider all the broke college students who live around us the "Bad Element". My other friend lives in a apartment complex near the mall. I think they haven't messed with my car because of my old radio.
  7. I remember in my 65' stang I kept the factory AM radio in the dash and put a CD player head unit in my glove box. I didn't want to cut into the dash for one reason, and I like the look of my factory radio there.
  8. Hey, any of you guys know if the Amarillo Dragway is open for open testing yet? If so, do you guys know the times and dates they're open?
  9. I couldn't tell you. Is there a website. I think remember hearing someone a couple of weeks ago saying something about the drag in Amarillo. Should be open around this time of year.
  10. They do have a website...that looks like its designed and kept up by a 5 year old, it's total crap.
  11. 02 GT in San Antonio. Any Mustang clubs here? I'm only here for a few months (training at FT Sam).
  12. Damn rain! I wanted to go to the track.

  13. Hey, just some info to pass along. Being the 40th anniversary of the mustang, there is a pony drive. Well, on April 25th there will be an expected 200+ mustangs here in Lubbock at the Depot District. For more info, check out www.lubbockmustangclub.com
    I'm definately going to make a showing. Time to shine up my ride and wax it.

  14. A lot of guys will be in abilene april 25 for the battle of the cities
  15. Oh yeah. Damn. Well, there should still be a good turn out of mustangs I hope. I usually attend the mustang car shows they have here in Lubbock in Aug., so I'm wondering how this will be with other mustangs from others cities and states.
    Seen your car again turning off on 50th/slide going towards the mall. Sounds great. Can always tell when a 4.6 is coming.

  16. Thanks. Well i took the car to idalou tonight. Ran a [email protected] pulling a 1.57 60'. I am happy. Hopefully i can get her down to 11.30's at this elevation. :D
  17. Give those LS1 boys something to worry about now. How big of a shot were you running?

  18. Plano, Tx here....dang everyone here is a bit away from me! 2000GT Here :)
  19. Little far from here. Welcome and enjoy the site.

  20. midland texas here!!