West TX stangers again

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  1. Have any pics of your blk stang? What year, times, mods, etc? And welcome.

  2. Hey im from fort worth but i go to school in galveston, trying to find some local stangers to hang out with.
  3. Anyone from Lubbock or near going to the No Hassle Street Night in Idalou Saturday the 22nd from 9pm-1am? I'll be there and hopefully get a time maybe. Still thinking about it.

  4. Man, I can't wait until I'm down in Lubbock at Texas Tech this fall, I'll actually have some fellow stangers to hang out with that *probably* aren't always drunk off their ***
  5. No time for me to drink with trying to get through school. Maybe every once in a blue moon though.
  6. I live in clear lake, which is 20 miles from Houston and 25 miles from Galveston. I'm always up for hanging out. :D
  7. [QUOTE='03 6-Speed]Man, I can't wait until I'm down in Lubbock at Texas Tech this fall, I'll actually have some fellow stangers to hang out with that *probably* aren't always drunk off their ***[/QUOTE]

    Well im usually drunk off my @ss if its a weekend and i dont have to work or school the next day :D
  8. Figure I would open up this thread again and see who is still here. Well with enough $$$ for heads,cam, and intake, I've decided to hold up for another year and get my overheating problem fix and a new Dell cpu which already has been ordered. I'll still have enough to maybe get some lower and upper control arms, a panhard bar, aluminum driveshaft, and a few other suspension components.

    What's everybody else been up to or done to their joy rides?

  9. I am in the middle of rewiring my stang. I started two months ago and I hope to finish before the summer ends. Really I should just be hoping it works and that none of the wires start burning when I turn the key.
  10. Good luck on hooking everything back up. I'm fixing to put in a new radiator and thermostat so I don't reach those 230* temps with the A/C on anymore.
  11. I've been working on everything from the clutch back this summer. Mark Williams axles after twisting 3 Superior 31 splines, and have a Pro-shifted TKO-500 and a McLeod clutch on the way. Then we can bang the gears as hard as I want and launch as hard as I want. Then go to a 200 shot and 10s at Penwell.....



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  12. :jaw: Awesome pic!!! I remember seeing videos of the stang running at the track. Great times too and great looking mustang :hail2: Keep us posted on any new times and such.

  13. Been awhile

    So what has everyone been up to? Me, just school and working a little, moved into an apartment. Wish I could take my car to the track, but I'm afraid of screwing up the tranny b/c it will not last too long :nonono: So I'm just saving $$$ again and waiting til next year to do a few things here and there. I've taken my car to 3 car shows and placed 3rd in two of them :banana: First time doing cars shows and it was a blast.

    Who else is still here?

  14. Im still here. Just being extremely busy with work and school. Im fixin to start on an engine build but it will take a while.
  15. Do you plan on stroking your 281?

    I plan on building up an engine, but I'll have to wait til next May before I can get started. I would have graduate by then, have a sign on bonus spend it and whatever I save between now and then. I plan on going for a stroked 408W, looking for 450-500rwhp N/A, then maybe a small shot to get it into the 10s here. I have a long way though.