Western CND 10" Tire Shootout ???

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  1. Mid winter there was talk of everyone out west running 10" tires getting together for a king of the hill type shootout we're planning our summer right now wanted to if there was still any interest in doing this???
  2. Count me in.
    Just say when and were. :nice:
  3. What happen to all the interest there was in the fall???
  4. The Performance Plus event in Saskatoon and the JB's Shootouts in Edmonton would be excellent venues for a real 10.5 King of the Hill :nice:
  5. Will you be at either of those events this year?? Trev and I are looking forward to seeing the car.
  6. I would be interested in providing a trophy for the person with the fastest 28/10 tire mustang in all of westen canada for 2004. This is what I am thinking for rules, must have stock style suspension, 3000lbs minimum weight, times must be verified with scanned time slip or video and one other person.

    I just started up a business called trophys and things up here in Fort McMurray and I love mustangs. I went low 10's in my old GT about 4 yrs ago when i lived on the coast.
  7. Do the guy's in Calgary get spotted a few tenths over the guy's in Mission? :rolleyes:
    Sounds like a cool idea.
  8. I've got a lot of email showing intrest. So I guess I will go ahead with this, with the rules previously posted. As for Alberta guys getting a time break, I dont think so because it would cause too much contraversy.

    Tom Lundy
    Trophys and Things
    Fort McMurray, Alberta
  9. Why not correct all times to sea level :shrug: . Seems like the only fair thing to do.
  10. Because the correction factors are only estimates not concrete figures. Plus how do we know what the true corrected elevation is when a person makes a pass? I remember years ago at mission when the corrected elevation was 3000 feet above sea level.

    NHRA, IHRA and any other major racing orginizations do not recongize corrected times for records so neither will I. This is suppose to just be for fun anyway to get a little riverly going and push guys to go faster, so why complain already? especially consitering your not even a contender by the looks of it. Ive gotten a lot of emails from atleast 10-15 guys with cars who want to be the 28/10 king of Canada West and none of them complained or even mentioned the elevation diffrence, its part of the game.

  11. Well I went 10.01 @136mph today in Edmonton.
    I'll scan the timeslip and post it here later to verify.

  12. I ran a traction limited [email protected] on sunday at mission. Ill try to get the video up within the next few days.
  13. Nice time. What ya got?

  14. stroked 351 w/ the bottle
  15. Wow Nice run :cheers:

    Anyone else with new times to report? Any cars coming out to make a run at the new leader?

    edit- Silvergt, I just checked my pms, recieved your pm with the scanned picture of the slip. thanks
  16. Kind of tough to compete with the cars that run at Mission.
    I've been racing all over (Calgary, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, Saskatoon) I haven't gotten a decent track yet with some good air. Fastest was [email protected] with a 1.50 60 foot time. Not that I would come close to a [email protected]

    I'll see what Saskatoon has in store for me this weekend at their street car shootout. If I make it. Tranny is getting gone through right now.
  17. The fastest 10" tire car in Western Canada is coming out in the next couple weeks ... stay tuned for some 8 second time slips.

  18. I'm in, hope to have the car ready for Jb's shootout at the end of the month see all you guys there

  19. So when are you coming to mission for a match race? Were all awaiting the debuet of your relic :nice: