Western CND 10" Tire Shootout ???

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  1. How about a wager and we'll make the trip, or you can show up in Edmonton on August 29 for the shootout :nice:

    You better be alot faster than 9.3 to make it worth while :rolleyes:

  2. You haven't even run the car, don't have a licence.... so what are you talking about?
  3. :owned: :lol:
  4. N8'slow, do you or Greg care to put your money where your mouth is? :lol: ... that's what I thought :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    Both of you roaches are too slow to make the trip anywhere but your local track ... come out and have your AZZES HANDED TO YOU!!! :owned:
  5. At least we go to the track :rolleyes:

    Why would I or Greg go race in Edmonton just to go slower?
  6. The point is to race other guys on 10.5's and see who's the small tire champ :nice:

    What happened to the Horsemen ? :shrug:
  7. What about us?

  8. I have been to every Streetcar shootout this year in southern Alberta. (except the SIR shootout which was basicly a rainout anyway).
    I am definitly not the fastest car out there but I like when no one else shows up to race. At least I'm sometimes the fastest guy there.
  9. Horsemen, are you guys up and running? How fast? Are you going to the JB's Shootout?
  10. Ya, we're up and running it's been a very slow start. We just got our motor back a couple of weeks ago. We had all kinds of problems putting it back in the car with the new blower. But we've made a few pulls on the dyno, ran out of injector. After changing to a set of 160's from the 85's and finishing a few safety items for the track we went to tech the car and it wouldn't move in first, so I pulled the trans at the track we rebuilt to that night and got it teched in the morning. We made one soft 1/8 mile pass just to get some data in the logger. Cooled the car down and made a soft full pass, it ran a 9.40 at 146, leaving off idle and short shifting it. But it pushed out an end rail gasket so we called it a weekend. So far in the same rpm range (7000 max) as last season we're up 100 rwhp with a way off tune-up and the motor wants another 1000 (at least 8000 rpm). We're expecting somewhere close to 1000rwhp if we can find the right tune-up.

    We really wanted to make the JB's shootout but it's the same weekend as our local shootout. We're still trying to get to mission before the end of the season too.

    Any word of how Dal's car is coming along? I haven;t heard from him in a while.
  11. Supposedly "debuting" at the end of the month.
  12. Just FYI, Greg went 9.15 at 151 and then 9.18 at only 137 last night in Seattle...
  13. The JYB 10.5" freakshow should be ready for JB's shootout this weekend in Edmonton :nice:

    845RWHP so far on low boost with a rough tune .... 101mm turbo, 347ci, TEA Highports, Vortech Igloo, etc ... here are some pics before it was finished.




  14. The pics don't work. Pretty decent power, we made around the same numbers running out of fuel and stopping the pulls at 7000rpm. We made the switch from 85's to 160's so it should be to 8200rpm no problem now.
  15. Horsemen, are you going to Edmonton this weekend for the shooutout? ... who else is going?
  16. The power went up tonight on the dyno :nice: ... 1043 RWHP / 1546 TQ :banana:
  17. What's the boost at now? What are you guys running for a efi system and for injectors? Any runs on the car yet?
  18. 25lbs of boost so far ... at this point an upgrade in injectors and fuel pump is needed to make anymore power.

    JB's event was rained out so looking at this weekend in Medicine Hat to make some passes ... then out to Mission on October 9 & 10 for the last CPSA event.
  19. Cool, I just put the car on a flat deck sending it back to the dyno. Make a few pulls tomorrow night with the new injectors and off to the track for the weekend.
  20. Are you going to the track outside of Winnipeg this weekend? Do you guys have a shop in Winnipeg?
    I'm from BC, but I'm currently in Winnipeg. I'm building something similar, and would love to see your car.