Western CND 10" Tire Shootout ???

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  1. The car is run out of Motion Performance at 854 Nairn st. We will be on the dyno tomorrow night if you wanted to drop by and check it out. Also we'll be out at the track in Gimli for the weekend.
  2. Just got home from the track,The car ran really good. went [email protected]!!! Has anyone gone faster than that on 28 10.5's?? A huge thanks goes out to joel for making it happen!!
  3. congrats

    Nice run, can't wait to see some more. Gotta love 8's on a 28*10.5 tire car!!!

    Dals car is running now, but his new combo makes so much more power than before that the tranny is just burning up. Hopefully it will get a full run next race. He did clickm off a 1.12 60 ft at his low boost setting, and his 1/8 th mile to 1/4 mile mph gain was over 50 mph which is higher than ANY other competitor at mission. So we'll see how the new program unfolds.
  4. Nice runs guys!! Thats the record as far as I know :banana:

    What does the car weigh out of curiosity? Any video of the run?
  5. Horsemen, congrats on breaking into the 8's!!! ... glad to see another killer 28x10.5" tire car :nice:

    Are you guys going to Mission for the last CPSA event October 9 & 10?
  6. The car weights around 3250 and we're working on getting some video of the pass.The best part is our track is far from great and the air wasn't all that great on sunday either. Our engine builder wants to go back on the dyno to find even more power.
  7. Looks like JYB (Derek) is the 2004 small tire champion :nice:

    here's the video ... http://www.horsepowerheaven.com/features_all/2004features/mrpoct1004.wmv
  8. BC Ford event

    Guys, sounds like i have something right up your alley. Next summer at Mission Raceway we are having an all Ford event. There will be bracket and heads up classes. So far i'd think an Outlaw-type class, a 10.5 tire class and maybe even a no-visible-mods heads-up class. This is for Ford-powered cars only and all types, whether you have a flathead Model T or a new GT40.

    Date is still undecided, probably August and i'll make sure it's posted here. We hope to draw cars from all of western USA and Canada (and Winnipeg is considered west too)

    Hopefully we can show those east coast people that we have fast Fords out west too.

  9. By the way it was very cool to see Derek at Mission last Sunday. The track was a bit slippery being cold and having all the rain the previous week, an 8.50 is awesome. Even in July and August the air can get below sea level corrected and combined with decent track temperatures it is very fast.

  10. Can you please send that trophy to.... Just buggin :rlaugh:

    I was wondering though are you still going to do that ? If so are you going to wait till the end of the year because I do believe that all the tracks in canada are closed for the year.

  11. I'm in just give me the date :nice: