"Wet" MAC Exhaust

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Slik726, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. All;

    I just pulled the car out for the upcoming summer of racing and in the off season installed MAC O\R Prochambers and Cat Back. After starting the car and letting it idle the other day, I noticed 2 1/2 sq ft puddles of water under the car from the exhaust outlet and junction between the tips and cat back. I also stuck my hand behind the exhaust and it was VERY humidified. What would cause this condition? I was thinking that without the CAT's the exhaust gas has enough time to lower it's temperature and condense by the time it reaches the tailpipes or that there may be a reaction occuring with the exhaust constituents and some sort of coating or something inside the pipes. I never noticed this condtion with my previous BBK O\R X pipe mated to stock "cat back." Any suggestions? It is not the tune because I returned the car to stock to verfy the tune and the same condition occured.

    Thanks in advance! :D
  2. it's condensation that gathers when the pipe cools down from being hot, and heats from being cold - i wouldn't worry about it
  3. yes dont worry about it, my car leaks water at the tips like many others, more in the colder seasons....others believe its a sign of a healthy motor, dont know how to true that myth is but its nothing to worry about!
  4. This is not drips though. I am talking about 2 1\2 to 1 sq ft puddles accumulating under the car in under 5 minutes. It just seems like a lot to me.
  5. Keep in mind, for every gallon of gas you burn through the motor, aprox. 1 gallon of water is created. With free flowing exhaust, it typically takes more time to heat up, therefore you get a good amount of condensed water out of them.
  6. Taste test...if it's sweet, its antifreeze. If its tasteless, its water. If that doesn't work, do the touch test. If it's brown and viscous, it's oil, brake or power steering fluid and if its red and viscous, it trans fluid.

    If you see the neighbors dog running away from your car, and the owner laughing at you from a far after you perform the taste test, then it's probably urine. In which case you should promptly go brush your teeth! :D