WFC9 Who's going?

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  1. So you have heard the hype, seen the pics and wished you were there.
    So why were you not at WFC8??

    There was an Engagement, a Car show, Lots of hella fast 2.3T cars, and a wild street car that ran in the high 7's!! :jaw:

    So you have a little under a year to clear your schedule and plan on attending.

    So you have a Graduation, or a wedding or a child birth that may happen. Those can be re-lived.. The WFC Experience can NOT be missed!!!

    I For one will be there with Kim.

    One Better-
    I will be Racing there..

    Let the Project begin!!!!!!!

    Who's with me??!!!
  2. nahhh....Sounds kind of boring.

    Speaking of college graduation that was saturday too. Roughly within an hour of when I proposed. I still made the right choice.
  3. Damnit posted as amanda again.
  4. Split personality? If I didn't know you were two people.....;)

    I'm definitely gonna try to go, and with any luck I'll be able to take my car. Not sure if I'll race or just show (and it's a 30-footer, so not much show) but I'd love to go again.

  5. If you go you have to race!
  6. I'm not racing unless I know I can run 12.50 or faster...

  7. so whats the hold up?
  8. By WFC9 it better run at least that off the bottle or I am going to be pissed!

    If not the hooptie will be going with all of it's 8 cyllinder stroked turbo Pleasure :D
  9. hopefuly we will be there :D
  10. :rlaugh:
    yep I wont be taking the current V8 if thats the case.

    by the way...The trans braked tranny is now completely.
  11. I won't be racing unless I have $150 burning a hole in my pocket.... long as I get the OK to skip graduation from my parents and relatives, I'll be there :)
  12. What class for a 14-sec turbo LX?

  13. The lasy at the reg. trailor only charged me $100 and the sign clearly said $150. Plus I got $50 for the fourth round so it wasn't that expensive. $50 to over 20 passes.

    Asha'man: You have a year to get it faster. :nice: I hear N2oh works.
  14. My luck, I'd break something...

    BTW ash- there's always Bracket III, that's the "slow" class.
  15. maybe by then I'll have a trailor that will hual 3-4 cars. lol
  16. I meant 12.50 without the bottle...then I can spray it if I want to go faster...I'll just remember to refill it, not run out like Matt did...

    What's holding me up? I can't find an 8.8" rear to throw in it. I don't want to yank the 8.8 out of the LX unless I have to.
  17. Next year remember to ask me if I brought any nitrous. I've already gotten 2 more bottles. I'll probably have 10 by then.
    I can see an 8.8 laying in the yard from here. :)
  18. Thanks for bringin' that 8.8 with ya :rolleyes:
  19. I don't think that Toyota pickup of his could handle any more weight. :eek:

    I'm saying 14's conservatively, which is around 15's up here. Might be fun, I'll see what happens with money and the car between now and then. Wonder how consistent I could be with a stick turbo car and nitrous. :rolleyes:

  20. WHOA!!! That truck wasn't mine. The junk(GM) I bought broke tuesday night.