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  1. His "Chu"... heh, every summer dude, eeeeeeeeeeeeeevery summer.
  2. That's YOU!?!?!:fuss:
    Knock it off! Or you can sand and putty the dents you're leaving!:nono:
  3. :eek:

    Now I'm scared!
  4. Too bad the thread which explains it all is locked!
  5. There is NO explanation for your 'stache!:nonono:
  6. Well, um, not really, though I can blame it on a NASCAR driving school.

    As for the Closet & gutter, we need to find a way to access the unbelievable thread, "Chepie's going Topless" to really explain why we old timers here (er, "Founding Members") are so derranged......

    Gawd, that was the craziest thread here ever....
  7. Just re-read it. Priceless.....
  8. They're not that big... Besides, I'm not allowed to touch the door, so I couldn't fix it even while being watched by Chelle. Atleast I decided not to throw heavier objects... just tiny little rocks. :jester:
  9. Don't you mean hysteria? maybe hysterycal? Been re-reading some o' dat.........doesn't really explain anything, but it is a good example of the rampant dementia and insane doings in the Closet and Gutter...........:SNSign:
  10. Just watch where those rocks go when they bounce off the door! If one of them hits new sadie, well..... :eek:

    Hey, maybe we need to start a new Gutter thread :D
  11. To heck w/ new Sadie (not really Chelle), a couple of them bounced awfully close to "sally"!:nono:

    We still haven't gotten the details on Cobrask8's oil cooler explosion.......:shrug: