Whaasuuuuuuuuup Everybody! Lol

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  1. Hey, new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself!!, love the forums as they offer an unlimited amount if info and so much more! Does anybody know how to get rid of the double picture in the avatar? Couldn't figure it out, I just want one pic like everyone else's? Thanks in advance!
  2. welcome to SN
  3. What double picture? :shrug:
  4. Sorry, I have been away from the forum


    @Noobz347-your right!, the double picture is not there anymore, lol. When I first posted or uploaded a avatar pic it was showing a double picture (like a picture-in-picture). It's gone now though!
  5. Welcome to StangNet! Any pics of your ride? Looks sweet in the avatar.

    Let me know if I can help you with any mods or anything. :)
  6. @SteedaBrandon---Thanks for the welcome and the compliment, here are a couple pics of my car:

    As far as mods go, where should I start, lol, I'm never done modding!! I'm going to be attempting a header (American Racing) install as soon as I buy the AR catted x-pipe, sounds involved but I love it!

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  7. Sweet ride! I have to say the Street Scene front and side skirts look nice with the Saleen rear.

    Regarding mods, what do you do with the car? Is this your daily driver? Do you track it?
  8. Thanks again SteedaBrandon, it's not my daily driver (gotta constantly remind myself of that! Lol) I have never tracked it, I have a bunch of stuff that I'm ready to install: jlt series 3 cai, bbk throttle body, american racing headers w/ catted x, about to order the eradispeeds +2 rotors, pretty much all the basic bolt on mods. I want hot rod cams, steeda pulleys, cmdp (but I heard you could alter the stock ones by removing the butterflies).

    The car is pretty much stock and I guess I went in reverse as far as what I spent on her thus far (making her look good first instead of modding her performance) but it came with a arid cai but I'm pretty sure it's a no tune req. cai. And borla stingers with x

    I'm hands on and pretty sure I could do the header install myself but I'm still researching how to do it the "safest" way with jack and jack stands, I know the gears I'm prob not going to be able to do but if I could get the header install done that would be an awesome feat to conquer! Oh and when I do get the cams I would like to attempt that to, I saw YouTube vids and instructions on how it's done and doesn't look that bad.

    What do u think?
  9. Sweet, well it sounds like you have a good list going. Let me know if I can help you with anything when you get ready, forum members do get a discount. :)
  10. Wow, I want all those lights now. The car is very sharp!